New Forest East



The following quotations are extracts from Letters of Thanks sent by constituents – and a few non-constituents – to Julian in response to casework and other issues tackled by him and his Parliamentary Office team. Naturally, this snapshot represents only a fraction of the local cases undertaken and issues addressed.

“I should like to take this opportunity to say how much my husband and I value having you as our constituency MP. You are a blessing to the Forest, where we have been resident for more than twenty years, and we wish you every success.”
MW, Lyndhurst

“Following your kind involvement in [my grandson’s] Special Educational Needs case … [his] transitional year … has gone better than we could ever have hoped … Please accept our sincere thanks, once again, for your timely support. Without it, I am sure the outcome … would have been very different.”
JT, Totton

“Many thanks for your usual swift reply to my recent letter to you. Once again, I admire your tireless efforts to serve your constituents. May I now thank you for your excellent questions to the Prime Minister [on Defence spending] … at the Liaison Committee’s session.”
DM, Blackfield

“Thank you for your letter … regarding my dispute with HMRC. I am pleased to report that HMRC telephoned yesterday, resolving my problem. You managed to achieve in 3 days what I failed to achieve in almost 3 months!”
KW, Emery Down

“I write to thank you and to congratulate you for the diligence and expertise you always show as our MP, whether it is a local matter or an important national one. This is not the case in every constituency!”
MW, Sway

“Thank you so much for your letter … I am so glad that you are our MP: it does me good to know that you are supporting the decision of the British People [to leave the EU].”
BH, Hythe

“On another equally serious issue, could I congratulate you on your interview with Channel 4 News, the other evening, giving a much-needed sane argument in favour of no further military involvement in the Syrian conflict.”
JG, Hythe

“Thank you … for your letter [and] also for your continued support of the WASPI Women’s issue. It’s of great encouragement to me, knowing that you are still fighting on our behalf.”
MF, Holbury

“Your letter to Mr Johnson has given us hope – both with your words on the women’s pension fiasco and also about the Loan Charge that has affected a huge number of people, including my husband … thank you for the time and effort you have put into trying to make a wrong right.”
JM, Blackfield

“It was great to see that you have already written to our new Prime Minister regarding the situation that we, ladies born in the 1950s, find ourselves in. I note the paper with all the signatures in support of the motion for ‘Providing Financial Restitution to 1950s Women’, but it is sad to see that your signature stands alone as the only Conservative supporter! Thank you very much for your continued support and help.”
DP, Holbury

“I am just writing to say a massive thank-you to yourself and your team on behalf of myself and my children for assisting me with Working /Child Tax Credit.”
AR, Holbury

“With thanks for the excellent support that you give those now serving [in Her Majesty’s Naval Service].”
MC, Ipplepen, Devon

“Thank you for the courtesy extended toward my daughter and me during our visit to the House of Commons.”
HC, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your intervention [with Heathrow Airport] which proved successful.
NS, Totton

“Very many thanks for your instant reply. … Many thanks again for your help … I wish all MPs had the same ethos.”
PB, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your support and practical suggestions.”
DR, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for taking the time and trouble to come and see us. We all found it a very useful and informative meeting.”
WM, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for looking after this area so well.”
AW, Hythe

“Thank you for helping me with my husband’s care ‘take a break’, which was suddenly stopped with no satisfactory explanation. It has now been resolved, and the care plan reinstated.”
CB, Cadnam

“My appreciation of your support on my behalf in bringing a very satisfactory conclusion with the release of the money owed to me by Capita TV Licensing. … I thank you again, Sir, for the effort you made on my behalf.”
MF, Blackfield

“Thank you for your support in the issues I have been having with the Eye Department at the Southampton General.”
CE, Woodlands

“Thank you for your valued support … regarding the treatment of LPG [liquid petroleum gas] under the Climate Change Levy.”
PB, Warwick 

“Thank you for your help [with regard to British citizenship entitlement].”
AD, Totton

“I would like to express my gratitude, as without your involvement [in a dispute with DVLA], I am sure, things would have gone against me.”
JP, Marchwood

“We are extremely grateful for your assistance … with regards to the prolonged processing of my wife’s visa application.”
CC, Brockenhurst

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help with [Housing Benefit and Personal Independence Payment]. This has taken away all the worry and stress that I was feeling.”
SR, Holbury

“We are so privileged to have such an honourable MP representing our democratic vote to leave the EU.”
PS, Ower

“How delighted we are to receive your swift reply which is giving us hope.”
ST, Totton

“Thank you for your letter … Your prompt reply is much appreciated.”
CG, Lyndhurst

“Once again, thank you for all you do on behalf of patients and their families.”
KE, Brockenhurst

“I took the liberty of forwarding a copy to my brother … he was ecstatic with your response, even though you cannot represent him. … Thank you once again.”
SC, Ashurst

“Thank you for sticking with Brexit.”
JK, Totton

“Thank you … for your approach to the Pensions Minister on my behalf. … I feel sure that the response is as a result of your help for which I am most grateful.”
RM, Marchwood

“We were extremely grateful for your support at the launch … [I received] a glowing letter of appreciation, particularly about your personal attendance.”
MH, East Boldre

“Over the years, you have always responded when I have written to you – I’m very grateful. Thank you.”
KW, Holbury

“Thank you for investigating the problem I had regarding probate … the problem has been resolved.”
MV, Dibden Purlieu

“[My wife] now has a visit visa valid for 6 months to enter the UK. … This could not have been achieved without your help and guidance; we both appreciate the time and effort you have taken to help prove justice was done.”
PW, Totton

“Thank you for intervening on my behalf with the DVLA … the DVLA advised me that I have satisfied their criteria … and I have returned to work. Thank you once again for interrupting your busy schedule to pursue this matter, heaven only knows how much longer it would have taken without your efforts.”
NR, Totton

“Thank you so much for your prompt reply … your early response was much appreciated, concern is an attribute often lacking …”
JC, Totton

“We thank you for your prompt and efficient attention to all our correspondence over the past year.”
JJ, Hythe

“… not only was the matter speedily resolved … but … we received a refund on our fee paid, as the complaint was upheld since HM Courts & Tribunals Service apologised for shortcomings on their part. This was a very good result, due entirely to your intervention; our thanks once again.”
JG, Bartley

“Thank you very much for your help … regarding the letting of the property …”
CB, Dibden Purlieu

“Just to sincerely thank you for your support … in regard to our recent visit to the Minister.”
DB, Totton

“Thank you very much for the support you gave … in relation to the changes to the NHS Pension Scheme.”
AR, Lymington

“I am writing to confirm that I have now had my refund, following your letter to the Chief Executive of HMRC … [I] and my accountant send you our grateful thanks for your invaluable hep in resolving this matter so quickly.”
VW, Marchwood

“Carry on in your truly excellent service to your constituents … Your loyalty is excellent.”
DM, Blackfield

“We greatly value your ongoing support.”
IM, Worthing

“I want to say a big thank-you for your intervention on my behalf concerning the parking fee … It has now all been resolved … I pray you will be blessed with all that you do for the benefit of us pensioners.”
KT, Totton

“Thank you so much for … the recent correspondence. It has given me a great light towards my future.”
JO, Fawley

“Thank you for your tireless public service and the personal help you have given me, in the past, with all my problems.”
IM, Holbury

“… the decision to refuse [the marriage visa application has been] overturned. You wrote to UKVI … and I believe your intervention has facilitated this outcome. We are all delighted and the whole family would like to thank you. Your team in Cadnam have also been very efficient and helpful, please pass on our thanks.”
CD, Ashurst

“Thank you very much for putting … your effort and time into my case with the New Forest District Council. It is much appreciated … I am very grateful for what you have done for me.”
SF, Calmore

“Thank you for your letter of 5th April. It’s wonderful to know that there are MPs such as yourself who are sticking up for the 17.4 million who voted to leave. Keep up the good work!”
JM, Blackfield

“Thank you for your very prompt reply to my letter … [and] for your intervention in my problem. It has certainly ‘got things moving’ after months of waiting.”
KW, Holbury

“Thank you for all the help and assistance you have afforded me with reference to the HMRC Loan Charge.”
MA, East Boldre

“My friends … are very grateful for all your efforts.”
PB, Lyndhurst

"The warmth of your welcome, the time spent and your supportive understanding and emphatic approach to this traumatic and delicate matter [mesh implants] was very much appreciated."
EH, Sherfield English

"Many thanks for the excellent help you have given me in relation to the non-receipt of my payment under the [Equitable Life Payment] Scheme. I can now confirm that I have received the payment yesterday ... I am very grateful to you."
PJ, France

"May I thank you for the help you gave in energising the Ombudsman service. Without your intervention I fear we would be still at the starting gate."
RH, South Baddesley

"Thank you very much for the help I received in dealing with the three cyclists in the New Forest."
JT, Blackfield

"Thank you ... for your very fast response in contacting ... [the] Director of Adult Social Services. We are pleased to tell you that [our relative] has now been offered a package of care ... Thanks again for your timely intervention and your interest in our case."
US & RS, Hythe

"Thank you very much for taking action on our behalf regarding signs for the two Catholic Churches in the Waterside Catholic Parish ... Both are now in place and I am writing to thank you ... [for] your help in providing this service to the Catholic community on the Waterside ... and other help you have given to our community over many years."
LC, Blackfield (from two letters)

"Thank you for all your assistance in achieving this sensible resolution."
TH, Portmore

"I am delighted to inform you that after the third attempt over (two?) years of applying for a Visitor's Visa, my niece's application has now been approved. This is entirely due to your intervention. ... Your compassion and belief in me will not make headline news, but through your actions you have made a significant impact on my well-being."
IM, Totton

"Thank you for the action taken in May concerning Dorset County Council ... we are certain that without it the outcome would have been significantly different."
MH & PH, Boldre

"Dispute with TalkTalk: Just to let you know that my telephone was restored ... and the internet connection is scheduled ... Thank you again for looking into this matter."
WP, Dibden Purlieu

"I have been asked by members of our association, who ... would like to thank you for the interest and help that you have shown in highlighting the problems that Uber is causing on a daily basis."
IH, Dibden Purlieu

"Thank you and your office for your swift dealing with our problem regarding our driveway application. We feel reassured that we made the right decision in voting for you."
JW & EW, Lyndhurst

"Thank you very much for your help and input regarding my dispute with the Estate Agent ... I was quite literally 'bowled over' by the speed at which you have been able to respond on my behalf."
DT, Totton

"Thank you for all you do on our behalf as our hardworking MP!"
JH, Blackfield

"I would like to thank you for your support [for local residents overcharged for utilities]."
PB, Dibden

"Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my letter and for taking the trouble to express our concerns to [the Treasury]."
JW, Totton

"You are the best MP that New Forest East has ever had and your positive stance on Brexit is much appreciated."
JT, Hythe

"Very many thanks for your continuing support [on Equitable Life]."
PD, Boldre

"Thank you most sincerely for your help in contacting Social Services to expedite permanent care for my mother."
PA, Marchwood

"We are very grateful to you and your team for helping us."
JO, Totton

"Thank you for your help, and your intervention, in dealing with my problem ... My life, and the life of my partner, will be considerably eased as a result."
AJ, Boldre

"Thank you very much for taking the time to meet me ... I found it very beneficial and [it] has given me more ideas for a future in politics."
AC, Cadnam

"I cannot thank you enough for your help and you may be assured that you will get my vote in future elections."
LM, Hythe