New Forest East



The following quotations are extracts from Letters of Thanks sent by constituents – and a few non-constituents – to Julian in response to casework and other issues tackled by him and his Parliamentary Office team. Naturally, this snapshot represents only a fraction of the local cases undertaken and issues addressed.

“Thank you for your very full and informative reply … Your work for this area is exemplary and many of your constituents are so grateful for all you do and achieve on our behalf.”
HF, Dibden Purlieu

“I feel we are so lucky to have you represent us, not only on ‘Forest’ issues, but on National and International issues also. I say without hesitation, “you are the right, and only man, for the job”, and I wish you well, and success, on polling day.”
RD, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you so much for visiting us … Your thoughts and ideas were much appreciated and we look forward to continuing to work with you at your Support Our Mental Health meetings and to make use of the encouragement you give us.”
JB, Lymington

“I’ll start with an incredibly sincere thank you …I cannot begin to explain the relief … You have given a young guy a fighting chance at this game called life and I will give it all I’ve got.”
DB, Bramshaw

“Thank you for your prompt reply to my letter … Another triumph of your postal service over e-mail!”
KE, Brockenhurst

“Thank you very much for your response ... and the attached copy of a letter from Philip Hammond about Dibden Bay. Our local group of Friends of the Earth are most reassured for the time being by your comments and those of the Minister. May I reiterate that we are immensely grateful to you for your continued support, and I would add that the Southampton group of Friends of the Earth has asked me to include their thanks as well.”
FR, Lymington

“I am writing to express my thanks to you [and] your team … for the prompt response to my letter which related my difficulties of getting a benefit statement from the Civil Service pension provider … your actions and support for me and my situation are very much appreciated. Thank you once again.”
MCS, Calmore

“I am writing to thank you for all your help with this [adoption allowance] matter. It is all sorted now, but I feel sure it would still be dragging on – if I had not asked for your intervention.”
DW, Marchwood

“Just wanted to say thank you so much; a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. BT refunded everything. I could not have done it without you.”
JM, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you so much for your quick response.”
JH, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for responding to each point in my letter … My wife … and I both went to the hustings prior to the last election. Based not only on that but also following the stance that you have taken on many issues, including the fact that you are prepared to go against the party line on issues that you are passionate about, we will look forward to you representing us long into the future.”
TL, Dibden Purlieu

“I am writing to thank you for your letter … and for the accompanying copies of letters to Justine Greening and from Edward Timpson … Several of the petition people told me they have received similar correspondence. This makes me feel our cause has been addressed, and it is good that there is an avenue we can take when we have concerns.”
MW, Holbury

“I write to thank you for your help in obtaining my Court fee back. I know you are a busy man and am very grateful to you and Sir Oliver Heald for taking the time to look at my case. Many thanks, indeed.”
JH, Calmore

“Thank you so much for your help by writing your letter of support which I am sure contributed enormously to the successful outcome.”
MP, Brockenhurst

“I am writing to let you know how pleased I was to receive your message regarding the European Union. Please continue to fight for us to be able to leave this appalling organisation.”
PR, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for your prompt & reasoned reply to my query re: Leveson. I trust you will persuade your colleagues to take a similar intelligent view.”
PM, Dibden Purlieu

“I was with my father … when he opened a letter from the Ministry of Defence. This letter informed him that his application for the Légion d'Honneur had been accepted … I am so grateful for your involvement and the outcome. The whole family send their thanks to you. As soon as the medal arrives, we will be celebrating. I have always appreciated everything you do and will continue to follow your valued contributions to this country.”
BH, Isle of Wight

“Thank you for taking an interest … it helped a great deal to think someone was listening for a change.”
PTL, Blackfield

“I’d like to write a letter of gratitude to you regarding my son … I’d like to say a huge thank you for all your help and support in this matter and I enclose a copy of my son’s school report … [He] is happy at this school and has gained many achievement certificates.”
JP, Totton

“I am writing to inform you that my father … passed away peacefully … We were very grateful that he was able to spend his last years at Forest Court Nursing Home due to your intervention, which enabled him to be together with his wife.”
GB, Eastleigh

“… it seems they only respond to me when your name is mentioned. I thank you again for your help.”
HM, Totton

“Your comments were refreshing! … And after the events in Paris – well – we feel grateful that you are involved in the decision making. We were completely over-booked – had to turn people away, because they were so keen to hear what you had to say. Thank you very much for your time and thank you for the job you do so well.”
JT-P, London [The Mid-Atlantic Club at Dartmouth House]

“I would also like to congratulate you on your stand supporting our soldiers who are being investigated on fictitious charges of abuse to the ISIL & Taliban.”
OS, Brockenhurst

“Thank you … for your prompt and supportive action in contacting the Chief Executive at New Forest District Council … Your interest in the problem … and your support [are] very much appreciated. The fact that the work of our small team of hard pressed volunteers has been acknowledged by you is … an enormous boost to morale.”
RJ, Dibden Purlieu

“Can’t thank you enough for all your help and support. I have now got my new [Blue Badge].”
AM, Holbury

“Thank you for your letter … regarding my brother … and for the copy of the letter you wrote … [to the] Chief Executive of Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust. Your actions on behalf of the family are much appreciated.”
SB, Cumbria

“Thank you for your correspondence & representation on the subject of the iniquitous persecution of our Armed Forces … I see that something will be done to rectify this.”
PM, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for engaging in a dual response supporting, with Sir Desmond Swayne, the proposed bus/rail link interchange hub at Lymington Railway Station and for your contact with Rt Hon Chris Grayling.”
JE, Lymington

“Thank you for letting me have a copy of your letter … to the Minister of State for Schools. Excellent!”
RP, Winchester

“Thank you for your comprehensive replies [about leasehold property companies].”
PF, Holbury

“You get better with each year that passes!”
RB, Boldre

“I am delighted to inform you that a wheelchair has been delivered … My mother no longer has her lunch alone in her room … Thank you for your help with this matter and the speed of resolving the problem.”
LC, Hythe

“I appreciate your support for local issues.”
ED, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for taking up the issue. I hope the hospital have improved their ways.”
TV, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you so much for your prompt action with regards to my son’s driving licence.”
VB, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your efforts in helping me obtain a bridging payment [from the Basic Payment Scheme].”

“Thank you very much for your letter regarding the referendum result and for the two enclosures which clarified a number of points regarding the EU.”
KG, Marchwood

“Thank you for your prompt replies to my previous queries.”
BD, Totton

“My partner … and I … are most appreciative of your efforts with regard to re-surfacing the M27 … Thank you for all you have done for this constituency since 1997.”
TD, Calmore

“I would like to thank you for all your assistance [regarding care home funding for a local relative] and confirm that Hampshire County Council have agreed to assist financially.”
JW, North Yorkshire

“Thank you so much for your hard work on behalf of myself and your other constituents. We do appreciate your response to our requests.”
AP, Totton

“Thank you for your attention to so many important matters. I know that you speak out more than most.”
HF, Dibden Purlieu

“Hurrah! At last someone talking some sense about the EU debate … Thank you for your leaflet [‘SIX GOOD REASONS TO LEAVE THE EU’] that came through the door today … For the very first time I read something that really addressed the issues of concern regarding the EU.”
PP, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for your personal message … regarding the forthcoming Referendum on the EU. I am so pleased that you are in the ‘Leave’ camp. Your message was well presented and I agree with all you have said.”
JLT, Hythe

“We very much appreciated that you took so much time, out of what must be a very busy schedule, to share your views, answer our questions and to explain the workings of the Parliamentary system … We would also like to thank your constituency team Colin Smith and Di Brooks who worked tirelessly to secure our visit [to Parliament].”
LT, Totton

“Thank you for your time and contribution at our employers’ engagement event … Your input was immensely valuable and gratefully received … We will keep you informed of progress at the College and the exciting developments we have lined-up for Totton.”
JC, Totton

“Thank you for your continued support in respect of the ongoing problems I am having with my aftercare … It is good to know that someone is willing to put themselves out so much to help me & I cannot thank you enough for your efforts to help me.”
JM, Totton

“You recently wrote a letter of support for my daughter’s forthcoming appeal hearing … it was reassuring and heartening to unexpectedly receive such a letter. We very much appreciate the time you have taken to address the matter … We wish you all the very best and please be assured that we continue to have the utmost faith in you as our parliamentary representative.”
DML, Dibden

“I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient response … and I sincerely thank you, as you have been the only person to support us during this process.”
AB, Cadnam

“Thanking you for all your hard work and time given to serve this nation. May God bless you accordingly.”
JBS, Dibden

“Thank you, thank you, thank you [for campaigning for Brexit] … We now lead the world in a new and proud Britain; on behalf of my Grandad, and Dad, thank you so much.”
TS, Hythe

“Thank you very much for your support in the case of my son … He now has his post-19 funding … I’m sure due, in no small part, to your representations.”
SR, Lyndhurst

“Enormous thanks to you for coming to Testwood Sports College and speaking so eloquently on the subject of the upcoming referendum. Our Year 10 students were very fortunate that you were so generous with your time and answered their questions.”
JP, Totton

“Thank you for your help regarding SpeedWatch Sway.”
CK, Sway

“Thank you for helping us by sending a letter to Southern Health concerning the lack of help after … discharge from hospital.”
JB, Totton

“Thank you very much for meeting us and facilitating our visit to Parliament: it was a valuable experience which we enjoyed thoroughly.”
Politics Students, Brockenhurst

“Many, many thanks for your letter to me … and indeed your encouraging comments … [and] tireless work.”
DM, Mopley

“Thank you very much for taking the time to keep me informed about the Latchmore Brook situation. I deeply appreciate your concern and wish you success in persuading the Government to ‘call in’ this proposal.”
EAG, Lyndhurst

“The proposed [Latchmore Brook] scheme is a non-starter and thank you very much for taking it under your wing.”
MS, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your letter … Your support in opposing this [wetland restoration] scheme is very welcome.”
JJ, Lyndhurst

“I just wanted to write and say a very big ‘thank you’ on behalf of children, staff and governors for … presenting the Nurture Quality Mark Award … Thank you for being part of our special day.”
NC, Calmore

“Thank you for your assistance regarding the Cross Border Hire [regulations for taxis].”
IH, Dibden Purlieu

“Your help in this [parking meter] matter is very much appreciated by me. Thank you.”
AFL, Totton

“We would like to thank you and the staff in your office for the support you have given us in the problems we have encountered with DWP … We hope that the frustrations of the last year are now over and would, again, thank you and your staff for your understanding, advice and support in this.”
D & JC, Dibden Purlieu

“I would like to express my thanks for the effort you have made to try and expedite my husband’s coming home with an appropriate care package.”
AB, Sway

“I write to thank you for your intervention in my query with Phoenix Life re: Pearl Assurance. I have recently received some sort of explanation … I am confident that they would not have even gone so far without your help.”
RL, Totton

“[Hampshire County Council have] reviewed their position on Day Opportunities and although there will be cuts (which are inevitable with the pressure on social care budgets) they do not look like they will be as severe as we feared. I know that your intervention and that of others was instrumental in causing them to rethink, so I thank you sincerely for your input.”
MD, Minstead

“Thank you so much for contacting DVLA on my behalf … I know your letter carried some weight.”
KS, Totton

“Thank you for your support with regards to [funding for brain tumour research] … Thank you too for your very kind offer of personal support which means a great deal to me and my family.”
AH, Bartley

“Many thanks for your correspondence with the Valuation Office Agency on my behalf. The VOA visited the property undergoing the change of use to domestic … I am quite sure I would not have this result without your assistance and am very grateful.”
PK, Brockenhurst

“Lifelong Conservative & grateful for your hard work: v much appreciated.”
JES, Totton

“Just a quick card to say ‘many thanks’ for your extremely prompt intervention in my dealings with Southampton General Hospital.”
JM, Totton

“Thank you so much for all you do for your constituents. You always talk so much sense, as you have done on the extension of the [Syria] bombing issue.”
VH, Holbury

“I have just received a cheque for a lump sum (small pension pot!). I would like to thank you for your help in this matter as I am sure I would still be fighting for this without your input. I am very grateful.”
LLB, Hythe

“Thank you for taking your time to sort this out (Potholes A3090).”
SM, Marchwood

“Thank you for your letter about the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill and the enclosed Hansard Report.”
LT, Beaulieu

“Your support has been invaluable to date and very much appreciated and I can’t thank you enough.”
NR-J, Totton

“Thank you for all the hard work you do on behalf of us all in this area & for turning up at many local events.”
JEJM, Ashurst

“Thank you for your recent help regarding my problems with a wayleave agreement with BT … this has now been resolved and I have reached an agreement with BT and been paid. I am certain that this would not have been successfully achieved without your help.”
JMH, Beaulieu

“Thank you for your letter … in reply to my earlier communication on [the proposed change to Sunday Trading legislation] … I do appreciate your views and your likely response should these proposals be raised again in the future.”
GW, Fawley

“Thank you for your help [regarding the Christians Against Poverty Job Club].”
TR, Lymington

“I want to place on record my sincere thanks to you … for having brought the attention of the House to the administrative problems faced by the MoD in checking the unexpected large number of applications for the prestigious award of the Légion d’Honneur to all surviving Normandy Veterans by the French Government.”
WGRT, Ringwood

“A number of years ago I wrote to you to protest against planned changes to the pensions landscape and you were kind enough to pass my correspondence on to the relevant minister … I would like to vote for you at the next election because I think you are a decent man and a good MP.”
AB, Sway

“Following your interest … and valued assistance … I wanted to write and update you on the current situation … We are … aware of other children across the County through our membership of the National Autistic Society, who are not so fortunate … Thanking you once again for your kind assistance.”
JT, Totton

“On behalf of my daughter … I am pleased to tell you her printed DBS [Disclosure & Barring Service check] arrived … & she starts work tomorrow … Thank you for your intervention, as I feel she would still be waiting.”
VS, Fawley

“My heartfelt thanks for your assistance … with regards to damage to our property. May I please also mention your truly excellent caseworker Mrs Brooks, who is really helpful and very, very efficient. I thank you both for your help … I admire and fully endorse your views on the Syrian situation, and I will always stand by the people like yourself who stick to their beliefs.”
DMcG, Mopley

“Thank you for your support in getting … the power chair … It is making such a difference.”
C & GC, Bartley

“Thank you so much for your advice and for listening to me regarding our environmental problem [regarding A337 noise]. It was kind and considerate … I received the copy of your letter as dictated in my presence.”
RJ, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for your help with my DWP query.”
TR, Brockenhurst

“Thank you very much; it is good to see honourable politicians hopefully saving our Country from joining an unelected EU.”
JW, New Milton

“I acknowledge receipt of your letter … regarding Equitable Life and would like to thank you for your help.”
PJD, Boldre

“Thank you for continuing to keep me in touch with the ongoing saga of EL [Equitable Life].”
PAB, Brockenhurst

“I think your letter … did more to help than anything. Many thanks. On a Parliamentary matter I just want to record with you our support for your very sensible speech on the bombing of Syria debate. I would rate your knowledge of such matters very highly. A pity there are not more MPs like you.”
PF & MA, Totton

“Thank you so much for corresponding with George Osborne over the issue of funding for colleges … It is very heartening to have your support at such a crucial time for further education …”
DR, Brockenhurst

“Thank you once again for the support you gave … so pleased to see that you still managed to attend the event, as we realised that you must have had a busy schedule that week.”
MS, Fawley

“I have just read the full text of your speech in the debate on Syria, on your website. I feel I must write and congratulate you … Thank you very much.”
LC, Blackfield

“I am most grateful that you were able to find the time in your currently busy schedule to write to the chief executive at the DVLA on my behalf. To my surprise and joy my new licence arrived today, a couple of months earlier than predicted … Once again, my grateful thanks for all your help.”
SB, Boldre

“I must write to applaud your speech … Needless to say I am on all fours with you, not only on Defence matters but also with reference to EU negotiations.”
OS, Brockenhurst

“On behalf of my father … I would like to thank you … for your efforts in securing his award of Légion d’Honneur … I believe it is not an understatement to say that he was as ‘pleased as punch’ … Once again I thank you for your kind assistance (and indeed persistence) in this matter.”
HW, Felixstowe

“Thank you so much for tabling the Ypres EDM [Co-operation by Service Charities] … Your help is much appreciated.”
PS-P, London

“Thank you for giving up your valuable time … to show us … around the Houses of Parliament. This helped make, what was already a special day even more special, and for that I am extremely grateful.”
JA, Romsey

“I was so pleased to receive the copy letter regarding the plans for the gym [at Hythe Hospital] and thank you for the critical part you contributed to getting this agreed.”
JB, Beaulieu

“Thank you for your help in resolving my issue with the Land Registry.”
RSG, Blackfield

“Thank you … for all you do on our behalf.”
YM, Hythe

“Thank you very much for your letter and kind words following my mother’s passing away. It was very good of you to find the time to attend her memorial service.”
SB, Sway

“It was a pleasant surprise to receive from you the copy of [Defence Minister] Mark Lancaster’s letter congratulating you on raising the recent debate in the House on the reasons for the delays which Normandy Veterans have experienced in the appraisal of their applications for the award … I, and my fellow Veterans, want you to know that we do appreciate your keeping us informed of the latest moves.”
WGRT, Ringwood

“Thank you for your prompt and clear reply to my postcard concerning Rob Marris’s Private Member’s Bill.”
BS, Sway

“My visit to the Houses of Parliament yesterday met every expectation. It was extremely good of you to come out to the queue and to welcome us … A special ‘thank you’ to you and your team for making such a memorable trip possible.”
AE, Sway

“Thank you so much for the copy of Hansard 21 July [Légion d’Honneur (UK Normandy Veterans) debate] … I never realised how carefully your investigations were related by you and subsequently recorded.”
JM, Lymington

“Many thanks for your assistance regarding my situation involving the DVLA at Swansea … One thing I am sure of is that, had it not been for your intervention, I would doubtless still be awaiting the reissue of my licence, and unable to drive, so I am extremely grateful to you and your staff within the office.”
DM, Blackfield

“Thank you for your prompt reply [regarding traffic problems]. I appreciate your efforts, as do many neighbours who live in this area.”
RH-J, Brockenhurst

“We really appreciate the opportunity you created … to put our case direct to a Government Minister; also your time and active support on the matter.”
TC, Romsey

“I thank you sincerely for your reply … I found your reply most satisfactory”.
KB, Ashurst

“I’m writing to thank you for writing to Ofcom on behalf of Premier Christian Radio”.
M C-E, Sway

“Thank you for your time and honesty.”
IS, Winsor

“A huge ‘thank you’ for organising our visit and for taking the time and trouble to accompany us some of the time … May we also take this opportunity to congratulate you on your appointment to the Chair of the Defence Committee?”
P & SH, Dibden Purlieu

“Many thanks for your response … and the copy of Hansard … Please continue to push for a re-think on any future defence cuts.”
TR, Dibden

“Your support has been invaluable to date and very much appreciated, and I can’t thank you enough.”
N R-J, Totton

“We consider your actions to be in the best spirit of true Conservatism – one which understands that the liberties of the free man, the rights of property and the exercise of free enterprise are inseparable and mutually dependent upon each other in a free society.”
EB, PN, TS, Orpington

“We would like to thank you for your very best wishes on our 60th anniversary.”
P & DH, Hythe

“I would like to thank you for our visit to the Houses of Parliament today. We were all particularly appreciative of the amount of time you made available from your obviously full schedule to engage with us during the visit, which helped turn a good day into a great day.”
MNW, Lyndhurst

“I wanted to thank you so much for meeting me … and for the support you are offering to us.”
SH, Holbury

“I should like to thank you and your staff in Cadnam for the steadfast support you have given me and my family in dealing with the bad handling of the NHS funding and care home provision for my mother-in-law … Happily [she] is now in a nursing home … which is perfectly adequate to her needs and the question of payment has been resolved satisfactorily. However, it took much time, effort and patience to get to this conclusion, and your help and that of your staff has been invaluable in keeping us going.”
KOF, Hythe

“Thank you for taking the trouble to look into this issue [transfer of water supply pipes to water companies] for us. The replies from OFWAT and DEFRA have been most enlightening … Thank you for taking the time and effort to raise the matter with the relevant Ministers.”
SB, Boldre

“I am writing to express my thanks for your input yesterday evening. I felt it was very impartial and non-political.”
ST, Totton

“I have no doubt that your letter to the DVLA prompted them to sort this matter out quickly … Please accept my thanks for your help. [I] am grateful that my licence has been restored.”
EWT, Hythe

“Just a quick note to thank you for your help with my recent question over affordable housing.”
MGSC, Cadnam

“I am very grateful for all your correspondence over the last year.”
BN, Sway

“Thank you for sending me the letter from Earl Howe on the subject of dialysis funding. I am sure my fellow patients are most grateful for your support and involvement in our case.”
MW, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for your continued interest and support.”
PDD, Hythe

“We want to thank Dr Julian Lewis MP for his valuable support.”
PS, Lymington [Letter in local paper]

“Just a short note to thank you for your speedy letter to the DVLA. It did work … I wish also at this time of writing to thank you for your support in the Equitable Life compensation debacle. Can you believe that I received a final notification of recompense?”
MJB, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for your extremely helpful and constructive reply to my letter.”
MW, Sway

“Thank you for the help you gave me to get my Blue Badge.”
RML, Calmore

“Thank you for your extremely prompt response to my letter last week … I particularly liked your approach to UK Visas and Immigration on our behalf.”
DB, Hythe

“Thank you very much for your support.”
GM, Dibden Purlieu

“Many thanks for your continued support.”
PAS, Lymington

“I just wanted to write and convey my appreciation for your speech at our exhibition opening evening. Indeed, also, for your support and interest over the rest of the weekend. Your speech successfully covered a complex area with clarity, which was reflected in the questioning afterwards.”
MH, East Boldre

“Thank you most sincerely for your help with the Patient Transport Service matter.”
KD, Holbury

“What a pleasant surprise it was to receive your congratulations on my attaining the great milestone (100!) in my life.”
ER, Blackfield

“Following the letter you wrote to Barclays Bank on my behalf, I have now managed to secure the mortgage in my sole name. I am extremely grateful that you were sympathetic to my situation and that you took the time to help me.”
SS, Totton

“Thank you so much for your intervention in my CSA case!! Very much appreciated!”
DK, Dibden Purlieu

“We are very grateful for your contribution to our campaign.”
AB, Brockenhurst

“Many thanks for your reply to our recent correspondence. We were very impressed with your letter to the CSA on our behalf.”
CH, Holbury

“A short but heartfelt note to thank you for all your support in making our recent Parliamentary Reception such a great success.”
JMcA, West Drayton

“Thank you for hosting our visit to the Palace of Westminster yesterday and for arranging for us to attend the afternoon session in the House of Commons. We were pleased to see that, with your ‘bobbing up and down’, the Speaker invited you to speak. Could you also please pass on our thanks to Colin Smith, your Parliamentary Assistant, who was a great help in making the arrangements.”
FW, Hythe

“Thank you for your efforts in resolving my dispute with BT.”
MC, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your letter … & enclosure both of which I found most interesting and pleasing, and indeed your very prompt reply.”
AJ McC, Lyndhurst

“I would personally like to thank you and your staff for arranging the excellent visit to the Public Gallery at the House of Commons.”
JT, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for your prompt reply … Thank you for all you do in this constituency.”
CST, Dibden Purlieu

“You have worked hard to help all of your constituents and we know that we can count on you to sort out our problems particularly when trying to negotiate the bureaucratic maze. Keep up the good work! We need you.”
CAB, Ashurst

“Thank you and Di Brooks for taking the time from your busy schedule to join us … We very much enjoyed your company and appreciate your continued support.”
CH, Bartley

“Thank you for your reply and the interesting parliamentary debate extracts. … You certainly have my vote in the May General Election.”
CAT, Holbury

“Thank you very much for sending me a copy of the Mesothelioma (Amendment), which was printed on 10 March 2015 … Thank you so much for your interest in this matter.”
PN, Totton

“Many thanks for sending the copy of Hansard for 1st June with your address to the House on Defence. In my (albeit humble) opinion, it would have been worthy of Churchill himself! As family we did vote for you on May 7th because of your good record as an MP for this area, but also because we all believe that you can speak from the heart, as well as with authority, on the very important issue of the defence of this country.”
TR, Dibden

“Thank you for your letter … relating to Mitochondrial Donations … I appreciate your honesty and sincerity as you considered your position before deciding to vote in favour. I appreciate you taking the time in your busy schedule to write to me informing of your decision.”
GW, Fawley

“Thank you for forwarding the Hansard record of the 9th December debate re: the General Dental Council.”
SMG, Lyndhurst

“Just to say that I vehemently endorse your letter to The Times, 3rd January, ‘Our vote on Syria’.”
TD, Linlithgow [the late Tam Dalyell]

“I give you my support as an outstanding MP.”
TJW, Dibden