New Forest East



Romsey Advertiser – 19 March 2004

Members of the Colvin family visited the House of Commons last week as guests of Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East.

There to see Chairman of the Defence Select Committee Bruce George MP unveil a picture of Michael Colvin MP were his children Arabella, Jamie and Amanda, his grandchildren Eleanor, 10, and George, seven, and his brother Alastair. Michael Colvin was Chairman of the Defence Select Committee until Bruce George took over when Labour came to power in 1997.

Family members were also there to see the Colvin Cup presented to Lord Lucas by the Speaker of House of Commons, Michael Martin, for the best individual performance in the annual Lords vs Commons target shooting contest held at Bisley. Dr Lewis recalled that he was recruited to Commons Rifle team by its captain, Michael Colvin, in 1999.

Michael Colvin was Conservative MP for Romsey and Waterside until the new Romsey and New Forest East seats came into existence at the 1997 General Election. Michael Colvin continued as MP for Romsey while Dr Lewis took over the Waterside as part of New Forest East.

Mr Colvin and his wife Nichola died in a fire at their Tangley home in February, 2000.