New Forest East




Lymington Times – 17 September 2016

New Forest MP Julian Lewis has refused to abandon the Conservatives' torch symbol introduced by Margaret Thatcher 29 years ago, despite the Party having spent a reported £40,000 on a brand new oak tree logo. Instead, the New Forest East politician has decided to deploy both of the designs on his website – the traditional torch on the right and the tree on the left. But his move is at odds with the re-branding of the Party by its leader, David Cameron.

Dr Lewis, a Shadow Defence Minister, downplayed its significance:

"I think what I am doing is indicating that I maintain my commitment to the achievements we have made, particularly in the years of Margaret Thatcher, but responsive that something else has been added.

"In the unlikely event that David Cameron has got nothing bettwr to do than check the layout of my website, I expect he'll have a chuckle."