New Forest East



Western Morning News – 28 November 2014

The women who confronted the killers of Lee Rigby and sought to help the soldier should be honoured for their bravery, an MP has said. Tory Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East, said Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, Amanda Donnelly and Gemini Donnelly-Martin should be given either a Queen's Commendation or a George Medal for their actions on the day Fusilier Rigby was killed.

Mr Lewis said the bystanders, who are known as the "angels of Woolwich", deserve an honour and pointed out that one of them now suffered mental health problems.

On May 22 last year, Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale ran down Fusilier Rigby, who was dressed in a Help For Heroes hoodie, near Woolwich Barracks, south-east London, before attacking the defenceless soldier as he lay in the road. Ms Loyau-Kennett, from Helston, was thrust into the spotlight after calmly approaching one of the attackers as the soldier lay injured in the middle of the road.

Amanda Donnelly and her daughter Gemini insisted on being allowed to sit with the 25-year-old victim to try to comfort him. In the Commons yesterday, Mr Lewis said the women sought to help Fusilier Rigby and confront the killers.

"One of these has since suffered major mental health problems,"

he added.

"So may we hear why it is that neither a Queen's Commendation or a George Medal has been awarded to these three very brave women who clearly deserve it?"

Commons Leader William Hague said Mr Lewis was

"quite right to draw attention to the bravery and the outstanding behaviours"

of the women, adding:

"I will make sure the Prime Minister is made aware of what you have just said."