New Forest East



The Times – 31 August 2013


DAVID AMESS Southend West Independent-minded long-serving backbencher with ten rebellions since the coalition was formed

RICHARD BACON South Norfolk Regards himself as a party loyalist but puts constituents and principles first on issues such as abortion where he wants stricter limits

STEVEN BAKER Wycombe Notably rebellious member of the 2010 intake. Campaigner against High Speed 2

JOHN BARON Basildon and Billericay Active rebel. Eurosceptic. Tabled successful motion that forced Government to seek MPs’ approval before arming Syrian rebels

ANDREW BINGHAM High Peak Denied reports that David Cameron once said: "What do you think you are doing? This isn’t some f***ing sixth form debating society."

CRISPIN BLUNT Reigate Junior coalition minister but returned to back benches

FIONA BRUCE Congleton Normally a loyal member of the coalition’s 2010 intake

TRACEY CROUCH Chatham and Aylesford Usually votes with coalition but one to watch

DAVID DAVIES Monmouth Politically incorrect Welsh bruiser. Ambitious but keeps putting his foot in his mouth

PHILIP DAVIES Shipley Notorious right-wing rebel. One of "the usual suspects

DAVID DAVIS Haltemprice and Howden Favourite to win the Conservative leadership in 2005 . Not seen as a loyalist

NICK DE BOIS Enfield North Secretary of the 1922 Committee of backbenchers, usually a reliable member of the new intake

RICHARD DRAX South Dorset Independent minded backbencher. Opposed same-sex marriage. Opposed bail-out for Greece

GORDON HENDERSON Sittingbourne and Sheppey Generally dependable but voted for in-out Europe referendum. Supported stricter curbs on abortion

PHILIP HOLLOBONE Kettering Astonishing record of rebellion. This was 45th since Mr Cameron became Prime Minister

ADAM HOLLOWAY Gravesham Former Army captain. Highly loyal unless a principle is at stake

PHILLIP LEE Bracknell Ultra-loyal, patient member of 2010 intake. First rebellion was against Nick Clegg’s doomed plans to reform the House of Lords

JULIAN LEWIS New Forest East Member of Intelligence and Security Committee so has access to information hidden from public

JASON McCARTNEY Colne Valley Independent-minded backbencher. Joined early rebellion against the coalition introducing high tuition fees

STEPHEN McPARTLAND Stevenage Outspoken MP, usually loyal. Opposed gay marriage and badger cull. Sought tighter controls on abortion. Voted for in-out Europe referendum

NIGEL MILLS Amber Valley Supported the "reckless" amendment seen as undermining David Cameron’s negotiating position on the European budget

ANNE-MARIE MORRIS Newton Abbot Superbly loyal. Only time she blotted her copy book was when supporting an immediate in-out referendum on Europe

ANDREW PERCY Brigg and Goole Regular rebel on lots of issues: badgers, gays, VAT on caravans, Commonwealth medals

[SIR] RICHARD SHEPHERD Aldridge-Brownhills Veteran of rebellions over EU budget, terror suspects and fixed-term parliaments

SIR PETER TAPSELL Louth and Horncastle Father of the House, MP since 1966. Earned the right to put conscience before party. Occasionally rebels on Europe, bailouts, constitutional reform. Voted in favour of immediate in-out referendum

ANDREW TURNER Isle of Wight Opponent of gay marriage. Voted against High Speed 2. Supported a failed rebel amendment in 2010 calling for a new Afghanistan strategy

MARTIN VICKERS Cleethorpes Generally loyal member of 2010 intake. Supported immediate in-out EU referendum and stricter abortion limits. A seaside MP, he voted against VAT on caravans

CHARLES WALKER Broxbourne Much loved MP who made moving speech about mental illness admitting his obsessive-compulsive disorder made him a "practising fruitcake". Unofficial counsellor to MPs

CHRIS WHITE Warwick and Leamington Well-behaved member of the new intake but provoked into rebellion by High Speed 2 threatening the beauty of Warwickshire. Will this now become a habit?

SARAH WOLLASTON Totnes High-profile new backbencher chosen by the Conservative Party’s first "open primary". Prominent independent voice in the media but only rebels occasionally.


GORDON BIRTWHISTLE Burnley Highly independent new MP. Opposed to gay marriage. Rebelled against Nick Clegg on tuition fees

MICHAEL CROCKART Edinburgh West Briefly given responsibility as parliamentary private secretary to the Scottish Secretary Michael Moore. Resigned to vote against tuition fees

ANDREW GEORGE St Ives Disgruntled. Recorded voting against the party 55 times since coalition formed. Campaigns on quirky issues such as the Prince of Wales’ powers

JULIAN HUPPERT Cambridge Usually loyal backbencher. Chairman of All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group. Rebels on liberal issues of principle such as detention of terror suspects

DAN ROGERSON North Cornwall Early rebel on tuition fees. Since then usually toed party line. As a Cornishman, voted against the pasty tax

[SIR] ANDREW STUNNELL Hazel Grove Ultra-loyal long serving MP. Served as local government minister but returned to backbenches in reshuffle last year

IAN SWALES Redcar Usually loyal but rebelled on tuition fees. Voted in favour of banning smoking in cars where children were passengers. Opposed the pasty tax

SARAH TEATHER Brent Central Slightly awkward. Sacked from her education role last year. Described the "go home" illegal immigrant vans as racist graffiti. Voted against gay marriage

ROGER WILLIAMS Brecon and Radnorshire Long-serving backbencher. Usually reliable supporter of Coalition. Rebelled against tuition fees. Supporter of election reform to allow foreign residents to vote in Westminster elections

Source of voting statistics: The Public Whip