New Forest East



By Nigel Nelson 

People  – 18 July 2010

Plans  to turn transcripts of terror trials into reality TV are being studied by Home Secretary Theresa May – in a move to thwart brainwashed bombers. Experts believe terror groups such as al-Qaeda would lose support if fanatics were shown on television as the callous murderers they really are.

Mrs May will now discuss the scheme with Justice Secretary Ken Clarke. The idea is the brainchild of US psychiatrist Dr Marc Sageman, a former CIA operations chief in Afghanistan. He advocates making trial transcripts available to TV companies so they can use them to produce their own docu-dramas about terrorism.

"He is surprised we do not use this method,"

Tory defence expert Julian Lewis told Mrs May.

"It is very effective in the US at deterring people from joining terrorist movements."

Mrs May said:

"This is interesting and I'm willing to look at it."

New Forest MP Dr Lewis added:

"This could lead to TV re-enactments. They would show that, far from being ten feet tall and great warriors, these people are stupid and deserving of contempt."