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Nadine Dorries MP’s Blog – 1 May 2009

Julian Lewis has to be one of the nicest MPs in Parliament. Well respected by MPs in all parties – he is incredibly hard working, diligent, kind, articulate, intelligent, thoughtful – I can’t think he has a single enemy in the House.

Smearing isn’t always confined to high office. Julian has been through the most horrific time with a Liberal Democrat opponent in his constituency and things have got so bad that last week, Julian secured an end of day debate in the chamber in order to highlight the smear campaign he has been subjected to.

It is a tribute to Julian that many MPs, having already worked a 15 hour day, stayed behind for the debate. The details are here: 

Let's hope that someone in the local party realises the damage this man is doing to the political process and has him replaced.

Politicians and potential politicians will never earn the respect of the public until they behave in a way which earns that respect. It is time for a new austerity in many things, expenses, the economy and even behaviour.