New Forest East



Lymington Times – 1 February 2003

The MP for New Forest East has accused Greenpeace of a cynical publicity stunt following its dramatic protest against war with Iraq at Marchwood Military Port. The organisation sent its flagship the Rainbow Warrior and a small flotilla of boats on Monday to block the exit of military supply vessels heading for the Gulf.

Greenpeace climbers attached themselves to the Rainbow Warrior’s anchor chains to stop the ship being moved and protestors painted the words “No War” on the side of one of the military ships. But Dr Julian Lewis MP accused Greenpeace of staging a brash publicity stunt.

“Greenpeace are always the first to question the motives of countries like the United States when they decide to do something about rogue states like Iraq and tyrants like Saddam Hussein, who pose a real threat to our security.

"They say it is an American attempt to secure oil, when in reality Greenpeace are a pretty big business themselves and want all the publicity they can get.

“They prance about with their boat in Marchwood and know full well it won’t have any effect on the military port at Marchwood.

“But they know it will enable them to raise money from credulous people who believe they are really advancing the cause of peace.”

Speaking from the bridge of the Rainbow Warrior on Monday Stephen Tindale, director of Greenpeace in the UK, said:

“We are determined to stop the headlong rush to a war which places a higher price on oil than on blood.

“War with Iraq would not make the world a safer place, it would increase support for terrorism and could lead to the use of weapons of mass destruction.”

However, their peaceful protest was postponed overnight on Tuesday due to strong winds.