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PMQ – JO MOORE - 07 November 2001

PMQ – JO MOORE - 07 November 2001

Dr Julian Lewis: If he will make a statement on the continued employment of Jo Moore as a special adviser to a Cabinet Minister?  

The Prime Minister (Mr Tony Blair): I have nothing to add to what I said two weeks ago on this subject.

[SUPPLEMENTARY:] What a disappointing reply that is, especially as so many hon. Members, including the Father of the House, believe that today would be a very good day to bury Jo Moore as a special adviser, and the discredited Minister for whom she works. As that is not going to happen, will the Prime Minister confirm that Jo Moore was present at the meeting between the Transport Secretary and the chairman of Railtrack on 25 July? Will he arrange for the minutes of that meeting to be published today?  

The Prime Minister: I do not know who was present at that meeting. No doubt if the hon. Gentleman tables a question on the matter, it will be answered. As for the first part of his question, I am afraid that I disagree with him.