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HOME AFFAIRS – PHONE-TAPPING - 06 September 2010

HOME AFFAIRS – PHONE-TAPPING - 06 September 2010

[Mr Dennis Skinner: If this Government claim to be whiter than white, why did the top spinner at No. 10 Downing street learn his trade in the phone-tapping News of the World run by Murdoch? If this murky affair rumbles on, will the Prime Minister come and make a statement about relieving Coulson of his job?

The Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mrs Theresa May): I refer the hon. Gentleman to remarks that I made earlier. I simply observe that although he uses the phrase "whiter than white", it was his Government, if my memory serves me correctly, who claimed to be whiter than white.]

Dr Julian Lewis: I am sorry that the hon. Member for Bolsover (Mr Skinner) seems to have forgotten about the existence of Alastair Campbell.

Has my right hon. Friend been given any indication at all about why people have suddenly come forward now to give evidence to The New York Times, given that they did not see fit to come forward at the time to give evidence to the police?

[Mrs May: I have seen no explanation of why the issue has suddenly come forward in The New York Times at this particular time. However, as I have repeated, if evidence is available, the police have made it clear that they will investigate it. I have also said in response to another hon. Member that I understand that The New York Times is making it clear that it will not be bringing forward new evidence.]