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BIS – SCIENCE BUDGET - 04 March 2010

BIS – SCIENCE BUDGET - 04 March 2010

Dr Julian Lewis: Whether his Department's science budget will remain ring-fenced after 2011-12.

The Minister of State (Higher Education and Intellectual Property), BIS (David Lammy): The Government have no plans to alter the ring fence around the science and research budget.

Dr Lewis: I thank the Minister for that reassuring reply. The only problem with it is that, because the Government have put off the comprehensive spending review, no one has any idea what sort of sum is being ring-fenced. If it is not to be all show and no substance, will he indicate what sum is being ring-fenced, otherwise is it not nonsense to say that the ring fence will be maintained?

Mr Lammy: It is axiomatic that every area of Government is subject to a spending review, which will be determined after the Budget; that is obvious and applies to every Department. I think that the question is asked and answered.