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The Times 18 February 2019

Last year, during a debate about the history of the RAF, MPs from all parties were deeply moved by the following brief intervention from our colleague Paula Sherriff: 

"My paternal grandfather, Arthur Albert Sherriff, died on February 1, 1945 – he was in a Lancaster bomber – leaving my dad, who was two years old at the time. My grandma was in the cinema with a friend when she was called out and given the telegram saying her husband was missing in action. Arthur Sherriff was later awarded a Distinguished Flying Medal, the DFM, posthumously, for his actions in a previous raid, when he had been shot in the shoulder but continued the mission and brought the plane down safely. Will my honourable friend join me in remembering the brave men and women – men like my grandfather, whom I sadly never got to know – and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in fighting for the freedom we enjoy today?" (Hansard, Nov 26, 2018).

You report (Feb 16) that someone who disagrees with Paula politically chose to leave swastikas on the doorstep of her constituency office to “intimidate” her.

Somehow, I doubt that that will be the result.

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

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You report that cardboard swastikas were left outside a Labour MP’s office three times last summer. The perpetrator of that outrage has admitted it but the Crown Prosecution Service has refused to prosecute him, saying he had a “potential defence” of free speech, and has merely given him a warning about harassment. If the CPS is not prepared to protect hardworking public servants, what hope is there for the rule of law?

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