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The Times – 17 December 1997

May I add a postscript to your comprehensive obituary of Woodrow Wyatt (December 9), which rightly noted his role "close to the heart of the revolution which took place in British politics during the 1980s"?

It was he who in 1984 identified the weakness in the Trade Union Act of that year, which failed to make postal ballots mandatory for key union elections. This was the start of a four-year campaign, in conjunction with Aims of Industry, the Freedom Association and Policy Research Associates, which ended in success in the 1988 Employment Act. Far-left ballot-rigging was struck a mortal blow.

Equally, Woodrow's joint campaign with Lord Orr-Ewing led to stricter provisions for political impartiality being written into the 1990 Broadcasting Act. These formed the basis for judging complaints about bias in political programmes.

I shall never forget the excitement of working with this dedicated and courageous man, whose achievements in undermining the anti-democratic left were second to none.

House of Commons
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