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The Times – 26 January 1994

During the run-up to the last general election, I compiled and published details of the political track-records of Labour MPs, including George Galloway. In Early Day Motions in the House of Commons he had, inter alia:

  • Condemned the SAS shooting of IRA bombers on Gibraltar as "tantamount to capital punishment without trial" and "an act of terrorism" (Early Day Motion 799, March 1988).
  • Reaffirmed support for the then Soviet-backed Marxist regime in Angola (EDM 1323, July 1988).
  • Congratulated Cuba on the 30th anniversary of Castro's Communist revolution and on its "great achievements" in health, education, welfare and "cultural and artistic liberation" (EDM 242, January 1989).
  • Applauded the efforts of the people of the then Marxist Nicaragua "to achieve self-determination, peace and prosperity" (EDM 261, January 1989).
  • Criticised the refusal to allow the Vice-President of the then Communist regime in Afghanistan, installed following the Soviet invasion, to visit Britain, whereas "terrorist and rebel elements have been officially invited to the United Kingdom" (EDM 448, February 1989).
  • Supported the withdrawal of American servicemen from south Korea because they "constitute a threat" to Communist North Korea (EDM 908, May 1989).
  • Supported the Communist Morning Star "in its campaign to raise £150,000 to enable it to survive" (EDM 179, February 1990).

It therefore seems rather hard on Mr Galloway to be "severely reprimanded" by the Labour whips for praising Saddam Hussein (report, January 21) when he has been allowed to propagate equally obnoxious causes, so often and for so long, with complete impunity.

Deputy Director
Conservative Research Department
London SW1