New Forest East



[NOTE: Amendments are linked to the original EDMs which Julian amended.]

EDM 1560 – 23 May 2007


[This EDM was tabled jointly with 59 other MPs. It was eventually supported by 120 Members of Parliament.]

That this House salutes the bravery with which the right hon. Member for Penrith and The Border has for several years defied the onset of multiple sclerosis so crippling that a less determined person would have been confined to a wheelchair long ago; endorses the decision of the House of Commons Department of Finance and Administration to approve his purchase of an outdoor vehicle, from the appropriate Parliamentary allowance, to enable him to negotiate the largest rural constituency in England; and accordingly condemns the journalists and broadcasters who sensationalised this story for playing down, and in some cases not even mentioning, the devastating effects of his illness and his refusal to give in to it.

EDM 1484 – 15 May 2007


That this House warmly congratulates AFC Totton on winning six rounds of the tournament for the FA Vase, thus securing a place in the final at Wembley on 13th May; commiserates with the team on coming second after a spirited game; and regards the good humour and excellent behaviour of over 16,000 Totton supporters who attended the match as setting a fine example which the fans of professional football teams would do well to follow.

EDM 777 – 30 January 2007


That this House deplores the threat made by the Audit Commission that Hampshire County Council, which is recognised as the second most efficient of the 37 county councils in England and Wales, despite receiving the second lowest central government grant, would lose its status as Excellent if the upstands of ramps at its pelican crossings exceed the range of 6mm to 9mm, notwithstanding the ease with which wheelchair users can negotiate significantly greater heights; notes that it would waste £250,000 of scarce County Council resources to comply with this absurd instance of micro-management; applauds the decision of Council Leader Ken Thornber to defy this bureaucratic blackmail; and accordingly calls upon the Audit Commission to disown and discontinue such costly and unnecessary interference in the future under the current overbearing and over-detailed performance target regime.

EDM 361 – 29 November 2006


[This EDM was tabled jointly with the rest of the Defence Team. It was supported by 99 Members of Parliament.]

That this House believes that the United Kingdom should continue to possess a strategic nuclear deterrent as long as other countries have nuclear weapons; and accordingly endorses the principle of preparing to replace the Trident system with a successor generation of the nuclear deterrent.