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TRANSPORT – CYCLING AND ROAD RAGE (2) [120604] - 08 February 2022

TRANSPORT – CYCLING AND ROAD RAGE (2) [120604] - 08 February 2022

Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, pursuant to the Answer of 4 February 2022 to Question 115826 on Cycling: Highway Code, whether the advice to cyclists to ride in the centre of the lane in certain situations, permits and encourages cyclists to do so in situations where a dedicated lane is available for use by cyclists alongside the carriageway and (b) by what means the number of (i) accidents and (ii) road-rage incidents, arising from cyclists obstructing the carriageway, will be recorded.  [120604]

[Due for Answer on 21 February]


The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport (Trudy Harrison): Cycle lanes offer cyclists an alternative to cycling in the main carriageway and The Highway Code encourages their use where provided. However, it is not compulsory for cyclists to use them, and the Government has no plans to change this. The majority of cyclists generally use cycle lanes, but there are times when it may be more appropriate for them to use the main carriageway, such as when they are overtaking slower cyclists or avoiding obstructions in the cycle lane, or where it offers a faster, more direct route.

We do not have any plans to record incidents arising from cyclists riding in the middle of the lane, as the recent update to The Highway Code simply reinforces the safe and responsible advice being given to cyclists for many years through the national standard for cycle training.