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DEFENCE – OFFENSIVE CYBER [906307] - 21 September 2020

DEFENCE – OFFENSIVE CYBER [906307] - 21 September 2020

Dr Julian Lewis: What recent assessment he has made of the utility of offensive cyber in countering conventional aggression. [Unanswered oral question 906307] 

[Due for Answer on 21 September.]


The Secretary of State for Defence (Ben Wallace): We recognise cyber as a domain of military operations alongside air, land, sea and space. Offensive cyber is now a critical part of our arsenal. Defence has integrated this into our military planning alongside the full range of military effects. We will continue to develop and exploit Offensive Cyber’s potential to complement and enhance our conventional military capabilities and assets. Offensive Cyber has already demonstrated its utility, against Daesh, where the UK suppressed Daesh propaganda, hindered their ability to coordinate attacks, and protected coalition forces on the battlefield. For reasons of safeguarding national security, I cannot discuss our cyber capability in greater detail or be specific on how it is employed.