New Forest East


South Wales Evening Post – 21 January 2008

Thank you for the extensive coverage you gave to the legal action I brought to recover the £7,500 cash conned from my elderly father by Swansea-based builder Paul Grey.Although he did not turn up for the judgment on January 14, Mr Grey now seeks to dispute its findings (Post, January 18).

In order that your readers should not be misled, I have posted the full judgment - together with my witness statement – on my website: It is in the essays and topics section, under Lewis v. Grey. Readers can thus see for themselves how this man operated and why the judge found against him. Paragraphs 40-44 and 55-61 in particular are worth reading.

Across the political divide, present and former Swansea MPs Alan Williams, Donald Anderson and Sian James, and their assistants, offered me and my father consistent advice and support. Our family is extremely grateful to them all.

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

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