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CND claims deconstructed

The Times  – 25 January 2008

How ironic – but how typical – of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to claim credit for the 1987 treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces, which eliminated the Soviet SS-20s and the NATO cruise and Pershing 2 missiles simultaneously, on the multilateral basis known as the zero-zero option (letter, Jan 22).

This could never have come about if the CND had had its way and prevented cruise missiles from being deployed after the SS-20 deployments began in 1977. No Soviet leader – not even Mr Gorbachev – would have given up the SS-20s unilaterally.

CND constantly denounced the zero option proposal when originally and correctly proposed by President Reagan in late 1981; but its protests fizzled out a couple of years after cruise deployment went ahead in November 1983. The INF treaty was concluded long after the decline of the CND campaign – precisely because it and its sister-organisations in other NATO countries had failed. Yet, now it has the cheek to claim credit for the beneficial consequences of its own defeat.

Shadow Defence Minister
House of Commons
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