New Forest East

Apart from such underhanded tactics as reporting an MP, behind his back, to the Police for registering his home address under a nom-de-plume for security reasons, Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary candidate for New Forest East, Terry Scriven, has posed a long list of Freedom of Information requests about the activities of Dr Julian Lewis and/or his Parliamentary Staff.

Most of these have been rejected as inappropriate, and the remainder have revealed nothing untoward. But how does Mr Scriven react to questions about his own sly behaviour? Here is a list of nine, perfectly legitimate ones, put to him by Julian – all of which he has refused to answer.


QUESTION 1:  Why did you approach Ben Leapman – a journalist known to be hostile to me – to investigate a story about a supposed irregularity in my electoral registration arrangements, when you yourself indicated to Dave Yates – the chief electoral registration officer – that you accepted the need for those arrangements?

QUESTION 2: Even if you thought there was something wrong, why did you choose Ben Leapman as the reporter with whom to raise this matter, when you knew that he was the one journalist with reason to be hostile to me for having thwarted his efforts to force the disclosure of MPs’ home addresses – given your professed support for my campaign to prevent such risky disclosures?

QUESTION 3: For what reason did you use the Freedom of Information Act to request (unsuccessfully) the address of my flat in London – given your repeated statements of support for my campaign against the disclosure of MPs’ home addresses?

QUESTION 4: When you reported me to the Police for using a nom-de-plume on the electoral register and (unsuccessfully) demanded a criminal investigation, why did you tell Ben Craig – a news reporter on the Lymington Times – that you had done this, without telling me?

QUESTION 5: What are the inaccuracies which you allege to be contained in my speech of 22 July 2008?

QUESTION 6: For what reason did you complain (unsuccessfully) to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards about my Parliamentary Caseworker, Mrs Brooks, without informing her that you were doing so?

QUESTION 7: For what reason did you complain (unsuccessfully) to the Chairman of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme about the frequency of my participating in it, without informing me that you were doing so?

QUESTION 8: Have you made any other complaints about (a) me and (b) my staff behind our backs? If so, what are they, and why did you not inform us of them when you made them?

QUESTION 9: Will you supply (a) me and (b) my staff with copies of any future letters of complaint against us which you intend to send to third-parties?

[Terry Scriven has responded to these questions by accusing Julian of trying to "intimidate" him.]