New Forest East


Lymington Times – 26 March 2016

Mass migration to Europe will fuel the rise of neo-Nazi parties, one of the New Forest’s MPs has warned the Prime Minister. Julian Lewis issued his caution as David Cameron reported to the House of Commons on EU leaders’ discussions last week about the crisis, reporting more than 8,000 migrants are arriving in Greece every week.

Dr Lewis, who is arguing for the UK to leave the EU, raised several points including his concern about the

“steady Islamisation of Turkish society”.

And he added:

“Finally, does he share my fear that mass migration in Europe will fuel the rise of far-Right, neo-Nazi parties in EU countries that were foolish enough to get rid of their national borders?”

Mr Cameron replied:

“As someone who spent time in Turkey as a student, I think its secularism and its belief in wanting to become more like a western democracy is one of its strengths, and we should encourage it. I also agree with him that countries that do not properly control their borders risk the rise of unsavoury elements, and that is why it is so important we maintain our borders. Obviously, when it comes to the issue of wanting to return migrants to Turkey, it is very important that Turkey is and remains a safe country, but that is what it is today.”