DExEU – LEAVING EU ON 31 OCTOBER – 7 October 2019

Dr Julian Lewis: My hon. Friend the Minister had a strong outing on this subject on 26 September – a date that I happen to remember. Today, I noticed a subtle difference in his wording, as he talked about our leaving with a deal or being “prepared” to leave without a deal on 31 October. Will he confirm not only that we are prepared to leave without a deal on 31 October but that we will actually leave without a deal on 31 October, unless we have deal?

[The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (James Duddridge): I thank my right hon. Friend, and confirm that nothing has changed since his birthday – I think that that was what he was referring to. Apologies for not congratulating him at the time. My language was not nuanced in any way. We will be leaving on 31 October with a deal or without a deal.

Mr Speaker: If I were charitable, I would say that the right hon. Gentleman turned 58 on 26 September, but I am afraid that I must not mislead the House. [Interruption.] ...]