New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. May I say something of a more positive nature about this matter? I was pleased to see that, in publishing some of the material, the Daily Telegraph has been careful to black out such information as Members' home addresses. That is reassuring given that the Sunday Telegraph has been the newspaper that has been arguing for so long that Members' private home addresses should be published to all and sundry. I have communicated with the Editor's office of the Daily Telegraph and I have their permission to say what their position is on this. I have just received the following from the Consulting Editor, Mr. Wynn Davies, who says:

“We have taken exceptional steps to ensure that home addresses, private telephone numbers, bank account details, signatures and so forth are not published … we have responsibly withheld such information so far and you may rest assured we shall continue to do so.”

Would it be possible, Mr. Speaker, for you to consider making public the advice that this House received from the Security Advisor to Parliament as to what bits of data really must be withheld under such circumstances? For example, while withholding addresses, they have released the tradesmen's details.

[Mr Speaker: I cannot discuss security matters on the Floor of this House, but I have heard what the hon. Member has to say, as has every other hon. Member.]