Dr Julian Lewis: I seem to remember promising the electorate that we would bring in a Bill of Rights that would enable us to disregard some of the more barmy decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. Would the Secretary of State like to update us on our progress towards fulfilling that important commitment?

[The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (Mr Kenneth Clarke): Different Conservative candidates put forward the campaign in different terms at the last election, and not for the first time, as you will know from your experience, Mr Speaker, and as I do from mine. As usual, I am sticking firmly to the policy of the Government of whom I am a serving member. The reasons why we are reforming the Court were set out clearly in the terms of reference of the commission looking at the matter and in the Prime Minister's speech to the Council of Europe, which I think coincide with my own views.

Mr Speaker: We are grateful to the Secretary of State, as always, for telling us what he really thinks.]