Dr Julian Lewis: If an individual were totally to condemn suicide bombings in Britain but to condone or applaud them in Baghdad, Ankara or Tel Aviv, would he or she be caught by the new offence of indirect incitement, however it is finally defined?

[The Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mr Charles Clarke): I am not going to prejudge the debate that we shall have in the House and the other place on that legislation. However, I will say that suicide bombing and the killing of civilians – wherever it occurs, anywhere in the world – is simply unacceptable, full stop. It is terrorism of whatever description. I do not think that there is a difference between British people who are killed in terrorist outrages such as that in London on 7 July, and people who are killed in terrorist outrages in the places that the hon. Gentleman mentioned. That has to be the motivating spirit behind the way in which we address these questions.]