New Forest East

FOREIGN AFFAIRS – ICC – 3 April 2001

Dr Julian Lewis: The hon. Gentleman [Tony Worthington] probably knows that I have always been sympathetic to the principle behind the Bill. However, one matter puzzles me. What happens if a British service man is prosecuted and acquitted in this country, but the ICC prosecutor is not satisfied with that result? Will he be able to draw the service man into the process, or is he safe from such prosecution?

[Tony Worthington: That is an important question, which the hon. Gentleman asks with respect. He wants to know that people will not be subject to vexatious inquiry. I am satisfied from what I have read that if we go about an investigation in good faith, no individual has the power to take further action. Any additional inquiry – never mind a prosecution – would be subject to a court of judges. Those safeguards were negotiated in Rome.]