New Forest East


[Mr Mark Oaten: I am sure that everyone in the House will welcome yesterday's events in Baghdad. We hope that they mark the end of the most intense period of this conflict and although military operations will continue, a welcome end is now in sight…

Jack Straw: I greatly welcome the change of the Liberal Democrats' tone. There is always space in heaven – ]

Dr Julian Lewis: And on the bandwagon. [Laughter]

[Mr Straw: I was about to say that there is always space in heaven for sinners to repent, but for the benefit of the Hansard reporters, the hon. Member for New Forest, East (Dr. Lewis) added "bandwagon". I did not want them to be confused about what the hon. Gentleman said. The change of tone is good news and we look forward to further recantations of the Liberal Democrats' position. If they will the end, they have to will the means as well –

The Minister for Europe (Mr Denis MacShane): The end of Charlie.

Mr Straw: We hope not.]