New Forest East


[The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence (Guto Bebb):  ... The second element of the strategy is design. It is about taking a new approach to design and construction. We want to challenge outdated naval standards and introduce new ones. In effect, I am repeating the comments of the Chairman of the Defence Committee, my right hon. Friend the Member for New Forest East, but it is about forcing through advances in design, identifying new materials and looking at new manufacturing methods to try to make our shipbuilding industry even more competitive, which is part and parcel of ensuring that we have export markets. ...]

Dr Julian Lewis: Given what the Minister has said about the design, and given what we know we need the design to do, can he confirm that this will be British design done in Britain and not abroad?

[Guto Bebb: The value of the strategy is in ensuring that we have a British design with ownership of that design. The whole strategy is building on the manner in which the aircraft carriers were built successfully – the block-building capacity. That is the strategy we have undertaken, and it will pay dividends. ...]

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