New Forest East

JUSTICE – PAROLE BOARD – 9 January 2018

Dr Julian Lewis: When a minimum tariff is imposed, can it be challenged on grounds of undue leniency; and given that the tariff is a minimum, why does the sole test applied by the Parole Board appear to be simply whether the criminal still poses a risk to others? What has happened to the concept that the punishment should fit the crime?

[The Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor (Mr David Gauke): Of course, the IPP [imprisonment for public protection] cases are essentially historic in the sense that those sentences no longer apply; but while approximately 3,000 IPP prisoners remain in jail, it is a question of testing whether there is a risk to the public once the tariff has been met, as my right hon. Friend sets out. Of course, a different system applies to those who do not fall within the IPP test.]