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Dr Julian Lewis: To what extent has the ability of our European allies to wage effective economic sanctions against Russia been undermined by their dependence on Russian gas sources and do we have a strategy for trying to persuade our allies to diversify their energy sources so that that dependence will be lessened in the future?

[The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Mr William Hague): I think the answer is that that has not affected what we have done so far, but we have to be very conscious of that point and the effect it could have. We are very active – I at meetings of Foreign Ministers and the Prime Minister at the European Council – in saying that it will be necessary to accelerate measures that reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. The G7 leaders discussed that at some length at the meeting in The Hague two weeks ago and my hon. Friend will be aware that we are convening a meeting of Energy Ministers in the G7 precisely to discuss that ahead of the G7 Heads of Government meeting.]