New Forest East

POINT OF ORDER – MPs' PAY – 1 July 2013

Dr Julian Lewis: On a point of order, Mr Speaker. I am sure that there was not an MP in the House who wasn't hugely relieved when questions of MPs’ pay and expenses were given out to an independent body. Notwithstanding that, is there any way in which you can convey my concern and, I suspect, that of many other people, that two years or more in advance, it is being proposed that there should be a massive uplift in MPs’ pay, when we cannot know what the economic circumstances will be whenever such a pay increase is awarded? Why on earth does this Pandora’s Box have to be opened now? Isn't the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority gripped by some sort of delusional folly if it insists on opening it?

[Mr Speaker: In October of this year, I will have known the hon. Gentleman for 30 years. I have always hoped that he might overcome his natural shyness and reticence, and he is making some progress on that front. He knows, and I can confirm, that his words will be recorded in Hansard. I have a suspicion that a copy of that Hansard will, by one means or t’other, wing its way to the desk of the chief executive of IPSA.]