New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: Although I welcome the Prime Minister's emphasis on the battle of ideas, does he share my concern that all too many people in all too many Muslim communities do not even accept that bin Laden was responsible for 9/11? What does that say about the failure of the west to get the counter-narrative and the counter-propaganda out worldwide and effectively?

[The Prime Minister: My hon. Friend makes a good point, and that is very much what I was discussing with the right hon. Member for Salford and Eccles (Hazel Blears). Many in that minority of the Muslim community take the view that bin Laden was not responsible for 9/11. That does not mean that they actively back bin Laden; it just means that they have bought in to a narrative of Israeli plots and the rest of it. We must challenge that narrative. We cannot have young people growing up in our country believing that nonsense, and it is incumbent on all of us in the work we do in our constituencies – in mosques, community centres and so on – to challenge that thinking whenever it comes up. We should not believe that we are challenging cultural sensitivities in doing so – we are not. We are making a very clear point about what it means to be part of a modern democracy.]