New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: I am sure that the whole House will be as dismayed as I was that the Minister with responsibility for freedom of information [Michael Wills] turned down my request for judges' homes addresses to be released on the same day as those of Members of Parliament. He said that that was because

“High Court judges...are entitled to a private life and levels of privacy that accord with this”,

and that releasing their addresses

“would breach their privacy and would be unfair.”

However, given that the concern is not so much about privacy as security, did he consider the question of security for judges if their home addresses were released? If not, why did he not do so?

[The Minister of State, Ministry of Justice (Mr Michael Wills): The hon. Gentleman will recall the rest of my letter to him, in which I pointed out that if he read the court ruling carefully he would see that it refers only to the home addresses of Members of Parliament for which they claim allowances. As I hope he will agree, we should all be accountable for the allowances that we receive from the taxpayer. That is the point of the ruling; I merely suggest that he read it again.]