New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: I beg my hon. Friend's pardon for not being a regular attender at earlier stages of the proceedings. Has sedition been considered in the context of the problem of glorification? That already covers in law the sort of anxieties that the Government rightly have – we would like to support the Government in resolving them – without the side effects about which my hon. Friend is rightly worried.

[Shadow Attorney General (Mr Dominic Grieve): My hon. Friend is right. One of the curiosities of the Bill is that, in almost all cases, it is at least arguable that offences similar to those that we are creating already exist. There are some exceptions, especially mere attendance at terrorist training camps abroad and aspects of terrorist training. My hon. Friend is right that the offence of sedition already exists.]

* * *

Dr Lewis: Before the hon. Gentleman [Alistair Carmichael] returns to the remainder of his list, will he also comment on what the Shadow Attorney-General [Dominic Grieve] had to say about the uncertainty of the conditions in which these people will be detained? If they are detained in anything other than solitary confinement, is there not a risk - the longer they are detained - of radicalisation? On the other hand, if they are innocent, is there not a danger of them being brutalised by other prisoners merely on the suspicion that they might be guilty?

[Mr Carmichael: The hon. Gentleman's point speaks for itself and I agree absolutely.]