New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: My right hon. Friend has already made reference to the processes involved in scanning cargoes. Will she explain to the House whether the main issue is that existing scanners may not pick up a device of this sort [printer cartridge bombs], or is it that devices of this sort have been placed on the aircraft in other countries and they would not routinely pass before our own scanners?

[The Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mrs Theresa May): I thank my hon. Friend for his detailed question. I am not in a position to give him an absolute answer, because forensic work is still ongoing in relation to the device. Obviously, once that forensic work is complete, we will know rather more about the device and, therefore, about what the response should be in relation to screening that sort of device. Until that forensic work is complete, it would not be appropriate for me to hazard an answer to the point that he has made.]