New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: Does the Foreign Secretary accept that although only a small number of terrorists were involved in the long list of atrocities, even including 11 September, they appear to share one belief: that, as a result of sacrificing their lives, they will go to Paradise? Given his remarks about that attitude being a perversion of Islam, has not the time come, not for the ordinary, moderate Muslims in Britain – we know where they stand – but for the leaders of the Muslim community, to make their voice heard loudly to try to persuade people that such activity leads the perpetrators not to Paradise but to an entirely different place?

[The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Mr Jack Straw): I agree with what the hon. Gentleman says. Everyone, especially those in a position of leadership, has a clear responsibility to express condemnation of what has happened. Leaders have a clear responsibility to provide leadership – theological leadership, if they are theological figures – and to point out that there is a difference between Good and Evil, and this is Evil.]