New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: May I welcome the Foreign Secretary's announcement, and pay tribute to the hon. Member for Cynon Valley (Ann Clwyd)? Although she is not in the Chamber today, she has consistently campaigned – as long as I have been an hon. Member, and undoubtedly much longer than that – for war criminals to be brought before appropriate international tribunals. May I also ask the Foreign Secretary whether he is aware that I have tabled two written questions to him about the Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner – who was Eichmann's right-hand man; was responsible for many horrendous crimes against humanity, including the deportation and death of over 150,000 French Jews; and is believed to be being harboured by Syria? Would he be a candidate for the attentions of the new International Criminal Court? If so, will the Government use their best endeavours to ensure that that monster is brought before the court?