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FOREIGN AFFAIRS – SYRIA – 10 January 2013

Dr Julian Lewis: Even though the Government are being so helpful to the Syrian opposition, have we sought to extract an undertaking from them that any store of chemical weapons discovered will be handed over for destruction so that it cannot possibly fall into the hands of al-Qaeda?

[The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Mr William Hague): Yes, we have very much made that point and my hon. Friend is correct to bring it up. We have made it very clear to the national coalition that we would expect any future Government of Syria to join and to adhere to the chemical weapons convention and the biological and toxin weapons convention. In all the conversations we have had with the national coalition, its horror of the chemical and biological weapons that all the evidence suggests have been amassed by the Assad regime is very clear. I hope that one thing that will happen in a future Syria will be the destruction and disposal of those weapons.]