New Forest East


Dr Julian Lewis: As the Leader of the House contemplates his well deserved and highly skilled migration to either No. 11 Downing Street, or even Dorneywood, will he spare a thought for my constituent, Mr. Sreekumar Nair and his family, who came to this country under the highly skilled migrant programme, have made a massive contribution to the community in Dibden in my constituency, but find themselves caught by a rigid new points system, which means that fulfilment of the promises that they were given about getting British nationality will now be much delayed, if it happens at all?

[The Leader of the House of Commons (Mr Jack Straw): I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for his compliments. I take them in the spirit in which they were intended, which I think was a fine one. I obviously do not have the details of the constituency case that he raises. If he gives me more details that will assist, I will take up the matter with my Right hon. Friend the Home Secretary.]