New Forest East


The following quotations are extracts from Letters of Thanks sent by constituents – and a few non-constituents – to Julian in response to casework and other issues tackled by him and his Parliamentary Office team. Naturally, this snapshot represents only a fraction of the local cases undertaken and issues addressed.

“We would like to thank you for the dedicated way in which you represent the views of your constituents. Whenever we feel the need to approach you regarding a matter we always receive a prompt, well considered reply.”
HJ, Norleywood

“Thank you for your hard work for the New Forest, and especially in dealing with the many concerns I have brought to you.”
IS, Winsor

“I am sure that I am not alone in saying that I am glad to have an MP who puts the wishes of his constituents first, ahead of any self-interest or party politics.”
LT, Totton

“Thank you for the reply which you received from the Patient Support Services at Southampton General Hospital. I now have a date for my operation … Thank you for all your help in this matter.”
CB, Dibden Purlieu

“Can I firstly thank you so very much for all the help you have provided me so far, it felt like someone actually cared about this state of affairs I find myself in? … I’m so very grateful to you and the glimmer of hope you gave me, thank you again for taking the time from your busy schedule to care, bless you, you are a very kind man indeed.”
MB, Totton

“Many thanks for your intervention in my wife’s long suffering at the hands of the NHS … Hopefully we won’t need to ever mention this matter again other than your positive action in resolving this nightmare, once again our sincere thanks for your endeavours.”
KW, Hythe

“What I was unable to do in eight weeks, you brought about in less than a week … sincere thanks for your intervention on our behalf.”
DT, Holbury

“This is just to say ‘Thank You’ for giving me so much of your time last Friday; I know you are a very busy person. I very much appreciate you taking up ‘my cause’ and writing such a brilliant letter.”
CL, Totton

“I am sure that you will have been bombarded with Equitable Life victim letters and … I would like to thank you for your previous assistance in this matter. It is very pleasing to note your personal feelings on this as stated in your letter and please, on behalf of all of us, keep up the good work and thank you so much for your help.”
PD, Boldre

“Many thanks for all the information you sent me on the North Korean question … I do appreciate it as I know how busy you must be. I hope you will be our MP for a lot longer.”
WP, Holbury

“Thank you so much for interceding on my behalf with the DVLA.”
AM, Blackfield

“Thank you ever so much for your help with my application to the UKBA.”
OJ, Calmore

“Thank you so much for your assistance with the Princess Anne hospital. I am now progressing well and should be fully recovered from my operation soon.”
AS, Cadnam

“I would like to thank you for what you have done for me and my daughter.”
JO, Blackfield

“I am most grateful to you for passing on the Under-Secretary of State’s letter, sent you regarding my enquiry into the Bomber Command Clasp application … Again, many thanks for all you do on behalf of your constituents.”
RD, Dibden Purlieu

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your very effective team for the research, help and sincere concern that you have shown in helping to resolve this matter on behalf of my mother ... You have established my faith in members of parliament by your actions and work ethic and your care and commitment to helping my mother.”
GB, Totton

“[We] welcomed with some relief the better outcome achieved for New Forest and other National Parks … This was only obtained as a result of your dedicated and persistent efforts … For this result we thank you.”
GP, Brockenhurst

“Your kind words both on the day and in writing have really given us a huge boost to succeed in our business.”
AW & HC, Southampton [for work done with New Forest East schoolchildren]

“Thank you for attending the debate … on funding for 18-year-old students … Thank you again for your ongoing support for young people.”
DR, Brockenhurst

“You have made one eight-year-old boy very happy. Thanks again.”
LH, Fawley

“We wish to thank you most sincerely for representing our case to the Home Office Minister … Our case has now been resolved … The whole family are very happy.”
YC & ZF, Totton

“Just want to thank you for your kind help in getting involved with my wife’s visa. She is here now.”
JC, Totton

“Thank you for helping me.”
CS, Dibden Purlieu

“I thought I should write to tell you that my husband has now heard from Southampton General. He has a pre-assessment appointment … and an operation date … But we do wonder how long he would have waited if you hadn’t been kind enough to chase them up.”
AW, Hythe

"I feel that I must write to thank you for all your kind help and support in the ongoing matter of contaminated blood and products."
LH, Fawley

“Thank you for writing to the Home Office with regard to animal experimentation and to DEFRA regarding the use of wild animals in circuses. I appreciate you taking the time to do this and for sending me the replies.”
PS, Hythe

“[Dr Lewis] always responds … I have contacted him on many occasions, and he has never failed to acknowledge or reply to my communication ... We do not necessarily agree on all subjects, but he always takes the time to explain his position, which does not always coincide with his party. I wish other MPs would vote with their conscience, and not vote like whipped sheep.”
PB, Lyndhurst (Letter in local paper)

“I am very heartened by your response.”
MG, Calmore

“Thank you for your action on behalf of the residents … with the long standing problem.”
PH, Cadnam

“For three years I have been passed around different councils with no luck, but with your input the hedge has been cut back.”
DS, Totton

“Thank you for all you do to serve this area.”
CW, Brockenhurst

“Thank you very much for your assistance with ATOS appointment … I cannot imagine how much longer I would have waited without your intervention.”
MS, Dibden Purlieu

“On behalf of [X] thank you for taking up his JSA case … I am pleased his benefit has not been stopped.”
JB, Brockenhurst

“Over the past few years you have completely gained my trust and so any advice would be very much appreciated.”
AB, Totton

“I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. Your help has taken so much stress and worry away and made my son the happiest I’ve ever seen him.”
JP, Totton

“Thank you for keeping us informed on progress [regarding fluoridation]”.
JK, Totton

“I am very pleased with the outcome [on fluoridation]. I wish to thank you for all the time & effort which you put into this matter.”
CH, Totton

“I am so relieved that we are not having fluoride added to our drinking water. I would like to thank you for your hard work in helping us to reach this outcome.”
ZR, Totton

“II wrote to you … asking for your support in a dispute I was having ... over their proposed massive hike in my monthly payments. You acted swiftly and your intervention had the desired effect … All this is undoubtedly due to your letter – my previous communications elicited no response whatsoever. Added to which, the person I spoke to constantly referred to your letter. I therefore wish to express my profound gratitude to you, not just for the financial resolution of this case but, almost as important, for the removal of a tiresome bureaucratic encumbrance. I know that, collectively, MPs get a bad press. But I am aware that there are many members who work damned hard for their constituents. I count you among this number.”
DS, Fawley

* * *

“To see Cranleigh Paddock is to remain open is a great relief, both to the relatives, the very caring staff, and the people whose home it is. I would like to thank you for your involvement and efforts which have brought Hampshire County Council to make this decision.”
PW, Hythe

“Just to say thank you for all your hard work in saving Cranleigh Paddock for the community, your effort has proved invaluable.”
JH, Lyndhurst

“Thank you so much for … fighting on our behalf to keep Cranleigh open. I am sure that the weight you put behind the campaign helped enormously.”
KW, Romsey

“Once again, our sincere thanks to you for your efforts on our behalf, and that of many others.”
GP, Brockenhurst

“Thank you that you always take such an interest in local events and those things that are important to your constituents.”
VV, Lyndhurst

“I contacted you expressing my concern regarding the diagnosis ... and what I thought was a lack of urgency by Southampton General Hospital … I want to express my sincere thanks to you for your intervention in this matter. I believe it was more than coincidence that appointments came through within a day of that intervention … Thank you again – at the time I was a worried man and I really do appreciate what you did.
PA, Holbury

“Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply … re Woodhaven … You stuck to facts and I thank you for keeping calm and carrying on!”
MP, Marchwood

“Thank you for taking up my complaints about the podiatry services. I am happy with the response I received … I appreciate your time that you have put into this matter.”
MK, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to address my problem with HMRC so promptly. This is the first time I had ever written to any Member of Parliament, which was at the suggestion of a friend of mine … who has a high opinion of your sterling efforts in the House. I am so glad I took his advice.”
TD, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your letter and enclosed letter from Southern Water… I am quite satisfied with their reply, and I thank you for your help and support in this matter.”
JR, Blackfield

“Thank you so much for your recent correspondence regarding my on-going problem … It appears that after all this time your intervention on my behalf has finally given them the push to get something done. Thank you once again.”
PW, Holbury

“A HUGE thank you for your letter, I am over the moon by the quick response from you.”
EP, Dibden

“A brief note of thanks for your support ... Your help has been very much appreciated.”
VS, Blackfield

“Many thanks indeed for your most supportive and plain speaking letter to [the Minister]."
GP, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for your brisk and comprehensive response to my message of earlier this week.”
RS, Beaulieu

“I am ever grateful for your interest and support, thank you so much.”
DB, Brockenhurst

“I wish to thank you very much for your speedy response.”
LS, East Boldre

“I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your help and support.”
DM, Brockenhurst

“Just a quick note to thank you for your help ... It was much appreciated.”
RB, Fawley

“More grateful thanks … appreciative of your efforts…”
GD, Fawley

“I am so pleased to say that the situation has been resolved in a matter of days, thanks to your intervention … Please accept my very grateful thanks for the trouble you have taken, with such a happy result.”
JG, Ashurst

“You kindly wrote to the Permanent Secretary for Tax on my behalf… The good news is that I received a telephone call from HMRC … I felt I was not getting anywhere with HMRC and I would like to thank you for your help.”
JS, Calmore

“Thank you for your efforts on my behalf … I am pleased to say that I have now received a cheque … with a promise of more to come – an excellent result!”
AG, Totton

“I am writing to say thank you for your help to find a solution to the absolute hell I have been living through ...”
PC, Totton

“I would like to thank you for your help by speaking on my behalf to the Department of Education… I believe without your support this would not have happened.”
LC, Totton

“I am writing to you to thank you for your invaluable input in this matter, as I am quite sure that without it, I may not have had such an agreeable outcome. I trust life is treating you well and hope that you remain as our MP.”
AS, Hythe

“Thank you for your intervention with the Tax Credit Office on my behalf … Once again can I take the opportunity in thanking you for all your time and help which without doubt I am certain would not have had the result it did.”
JE, Hythe

“I would very much like to thank you for your support, assistance and intervention … This I am sure ensured a quick resolution.”
SB, Hythe

“My husband and I would like to thank you and your staff for your help over the last few months.”
PM, Hythe

“I would like to thank you for your immediate response to my letter … Many thanks for your kind wishes and support.”
LW, Hythe

“Just a short note to say thank you for bringing the attention of [the Minister] to our cause ...”
EP, Hythe

“Thank you very much for giving us your time and for acting on our behalf.”
LC, Blackfield

“Very many thanks for your help with the Co-operative Bank bonds problem.”
SW, Fawley

“Thank you very much for your help with my HM Revenue & Customs matter.”
DH, Dibden Purlieu

“I am writing to thank you for your help in my problem with the Tax Office. I am sure your involvement assisted in the final outcome which, I am pleased to say, is satisfactory … Thank you again for your time and effort in what to most people would appear a trivial matter.”
PB, Cadnam

“Thank you for … interceding on our behalf … Once again, thank you for your most valued support over this.”
RW, Totton

“It is our great pleasure to inform you that our applications … have been processed successfully. It is almost certain that your efforts helped expedite these for us. We realise that this type of work must be tedious and a distraction from your other duties. Therefore, we are most grateful for the prompt and professional manner in which you dealt with our request.”
MK, Totton

“I wish to thank you so much for supporting me through this very traumatic time, also for all the correspondence that I’m sure … helped to seal my appeal.”
SS, Hythe

“This is all down to your kind and dedicated support, and what could have been a major headache has been solved. Please may I thank you for your considerable effort.”
DB, Brockenhurst

“We are very grateful for the efforts made by yourself to clarify the issue concerning the nationality of our granddaughter who was born outside UK a couple of months ago.”
JA, Brockenhurst

“Thank you again for your help with the visa application which was very swift once things had been explained.”
NS, Brockenhurst

“Thank you very much for your assistance in trying to expedite my wife’s visa. I am pleased to confirm that her visa has now been granted.”
MB, Brockenhurst

“Thank you ever so much for sorting out my husband’s stay. Thank you.”

“Thank you for your prompt acknowledgement of the letter … Sir, your writings show you are a gentleman with the courage of his convictions and as such wish you every success in future electoral campaigns.”
JM, Southampton

“Not only has my faith in politicians in general been restored, it would seem that democracy for once has shone through. Well done. … That you represented us in such a manner is commendable and a credit to your position as our representative…”
PB, Bartley

“Thank you so much for generously giving … so much of your time … Both of us appreciated your openness and honesty regarding complex matters…”
CW, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for your quick response – as always – to my recent letter.”
DL, Dibden

“It gave me so much pleasure to know that someone is listening to me … I just wanted to say that whatever the outcome I am so grateful to you for all the time and trouble that I have put you to.”
DW, Hythe

“We are most grateful to you for pointing us in the right direction. Thank you once again.”
JW, Lyndhurst

“Just to say thank you for your prompt and helpful reply to my one … about the Waterside Rail Project; much appreciated.”
EW, Hythe

“Many thanks for your very kind, swift and positive response. I much appreciate your pointing me in the direction of the HS2 Action Alliance.”
RR, Essex

“This letter is to thank and congratulate you for voting against the proposed attack on Syria. … One hopes that wiser heads (like yours) will continue to prevail.”
RS, Totton

“Your integrity … your sheer grasp of historical events … your deep knowledge of military history … your stand against military action [in Syria] … Once again, I thank you for your help in trying to resolve my other issues … but also I thank you for your beliefs, and most of all for telling the truth.”
DM, Blackfield

“I write to convey my sincere thanks to you for voting with your conscience on the matter of UK military intervention in Syria. … I am deeply grateful to you for helping to prevent it. This morning I feel proud to be represented by a man of conviction and the courage to uphold that conviction. … I have been considering – after a lifetime of being a Tory member – changing my allegiance. After yesterday I guarantee that as long as I live in the New Forest you have my vote!”
MW, Brockenhurst

* * *

“Many thanks for taking the time to answer my letter. I fully concur with your reasoned and balanced letter, and take comfort from the fact that you are fully aware of what is going on.”
PB, Lyndhurst

“Heartfelt thanks for your excellent efforts in initiating responses and action … On all 3 counts the respective agencies have been in contact with us and action is occurring … On all 3 counts I am optimistic of some improvement. If there is none, I shall let you know. But again, thank you for your work on all these matters.”
JB, Hythe

“I much appreciate your prompt response to my previous letter, especially knowing how busy you must be. As they say, if you want something done, ask a busy man!”
PG, Ashurst

“I was amazed at the speed in which you managed to extract a response from the National Park … Once again many thanks for your efforts.”
JW, Lyndhurst

“I am writing to thank you for the lovely reply you sent my father ...”
DL, Holbury

“My family and I would like to thank you for all your help in resolving our problem regarding my mother’s condition. We feel without your help this may not have been resolved for some time.”
AB, Blackfield

“Thank you for your help and assistance in securing a place at Forest Court Nursing Home for my father [a New Forest East constituent].”
GB, Eastleigh

“I write to thank you for your prompt assistance … and am happy and relieved to inform you that the problem seems to have now been solved satisfactorily.”
BP, Calmore

“Today I received my passport with Right of Abode stamped. I would like to thank you for all your help on my behalf.”
LH, Cadnam

“I would like to thank you most sincerely for your prompt reply, intervention, and help, following my letter to you … highlighting the problems my wife was experiencing in obtaining a Spouse’s Visa from the British High Commission.”
MM, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your help and intervention in my immigration matter … I really appreciate all your help, time and support you gave me.”
AU, Totton

“I would like to thank you for all of your help relating to my tax problems.”
NJ, Hythe

“Thank you for all [the] hard work you do for New Forest East.”
SE, Marchwood

“Many thanks for your reply and what you are trying to do on our behalf.”
MH, Germany

“Thank you for all these huge efforts you have made on behalf of our family … Thanks so much for your continuing support.”
JM & NM, Minstead

“Sincere thanks for your help in resolving the awful saga that we have been through for the last 6 months ... I only wish I had consulted with you earlier as it would have saved many months of stress.”
PB, Calmore

“Just a brief note to thank you for your work in challenging the … proposal to close beds in the Woodhaven Hospital … I read the Hansard transcript for yesterday’s committee meeting and found it refreshing to see an MP using rational argument and common sense in addressing these issues.”
LL, Totton

“Full marks to Dr Julian Lewis for his continued condemnation of Southern Health Foundation Trust’s proposal to close beds at Woodhaven.”
KL, Southampton (Letter in local paper)

“Again my thanks and I wish you well in your combat with the local NHS Mental Health Trust.”
JB, Salisbury

“I wrote to you … regarding the difficulty in getting a telephone fault repaired for my frail and elderly parents in Ashurst, thus putting out of action the LifeLine on which they depend. I am happy to confirm that the telephone fault is now fixed, and I thank you for the efforts you have made in this connection, which are very much appreciated by my parents and myself.”
IS, Winchester

“Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the NHS Foundation Trust for me. I do feel [X] has seen the right people, and I am reassured as he is being closely monitored.”
CD, Totton

“Thank you most sincerely for your extremely swift and efficient action in dealing with the matter. Your intervention resulted in my now having an appointment … an improvement of some five weeks.”
CC, Dibden Purlieu

“I am very grateful to you for intervening on my behalf [with Southampton General Hospital]”.
PB, Dibden Purlieu

“A heartfelt thank you … for contacting the Southampton Hospital on my behalf. The hospital contacted me … Many, many thanks.”
LP, Sway

“I am extremely grateful to you for the diligence with which you dealt with my concern about the training given to practice nurses … I am impressed by your help.”
MD, Sway

“A thanks is due for the years Julian has fought against this enforced medication [fluoridation] as shown by the many letters and speeches made in the House of Commons.”
BE, Cadnam

“I wrote to you a little while ago requesting your help in getting my Wife’s pension credit updated this has now been done thanks to your intervention. I sincerely thank you for your help.”
HC, Totton

“I have today received details and a payment schedule with regard to the [Equitable Life Government Compensation Scheme] … I would like to thank you for all the work you have put in helping to resolve this issue.”
JA, Hythe

“I write to advise you that [X] and I have just received first payment under the Equitable Life Payment Scheme. We wish to thank you for all your kind attention and help you have given in achieving this result, more especially at this time of our lives.”
DE, Fawley

“First of all, may I say how much I enjoyed your talk to us … last week. It was refreshing to hear a politician who really understands Defence matters … It is a pity that you are not a Minister. As I informed you at the meeting, I received payment from the Equitable Payment Scheme … It is only thanks to you and your like-minded colleagues that we, the much abused victims, have got anything at all! Please accept my thanks for your efforts and those of your staff who kept me informed of progress throughout.”
AB, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf regarding the Equitable Life saga … Your ongoing support during all this time has been a great source of encouragement to us.”
CO & IO, Lyndhurst

“Many thanks for progressing my recent complaint to Student Finance England. The matter has now been resolved.”
AH, Fawley

“Thank you for contacting the Minister and we will wait to see what happens after the consultation period ends.”
HB & PB, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for your kind effort in attempting to change the thinking of the ‘Powers of Westminster’ in respect of the Russian Convoys.”
WM, Hook [Arctic Star medal campaign]

“Sincere thanks once again for your input and time … your efforts to help the small family business in the local area are always appreciated.”
RN, Totton

“Thank you for your help in getting the unsightly graffiti removed … As I think I may have mentioned before, it is sometimes, in the great scheme of life, what seem the smaller things affect people most.”
SE, Totton

“With reference to my ongoing problem with a parking charge … I found a message on my answerphone today from one of your staff informing me that it has been cancelled. Please accept my grateful thanks to you and your staff for helping me with this, I can now go on holiday knowing that I will not come back to a £100 fine or worse!”
JJ, Totton

“I am pleased to tell you that … the DVLA Medical Adviser has agreed that my full driving licence should be issued to me … This has been a long and hard fought battle with the DVLA and I wish to thank you and all who have supported me in so many different ways over this 26-month period.”
LP, Woodlands

“Thank you very much for taking up my problems regarding my driving licence application. I am pleased to say that my licence arrived safely this morning.”
RB, Sway

“We appreciate your help.”
KG, Marchwood

“Thank you very much for the effort you made to suggest The Flame ran through Battramsley between Brockenhurst & Lymington.”
AC, Boldre

“A big ‘Thank you’ for your support and contribution at the 2nd Reading of the proposed new Mobile Homes Bill.”
JA, Dorset

“May I thank you most sincerely for the giving of your time to attend the Mobile Homes Bill.”
SM, Dorset

“I wish to thank you for your prompt response to a previous letter from me which, I am glad to report, prompted some immediate action from the relevant organization.”
MM, Holbury

“I received your letter today with the good news … I would like to thank you for the intervention on my behalf.”
FW, Totton

“Thank you for your support and speaking in the House during the debate on the Beer Duty Escalator.”
CR, Totton

“Thank you for your continued support for the Police Service.”
DM, Totton

“We all know what a caring and genuine person you are.”
WG, Totton

“Thank you … for your assistance.”
NC, Bramshaw

“I thank you deeply for your efforts on this and for your responses to our letters.”
KG, Brockenhurst

“I would like to thank you for your help.”
NM, Hythe

“Many, many thanks for the help you gave me.”

“What an excellent MP he is, please thank him for his efforts.”
JK, Totton

* * *


“Thank you for voting for an EU referendum. More evidence that the people chose the right person.”
DB, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for voting for a referendum on the EU. It is refreshing to find an MP that is honest and is willing to stick to their principles.”
DB, Holbury

“Pleased you stood up for the majority of the country with your vote against a three-line whip, we will remember this when it comes to an election … thanks again.
TW & PW, Blackfield

“Thank you for your reply to my request for your Yes vote on the referendum regarding the EU.”
JG & CG, Woodlands

“Thank you for going against the whip … and voting for a referendum on our membership of the EU.”
IJ, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for voting for an EU referendum. I know it took courage for you and all the other MPs to vote against their party, but you all did the right thing for your constituents and the country, which is far more important. I for one will not stand against you at the next General Election and I doubt whether any other candidates will be put forward by UKIP. You have done a noble thing and it will not be forgotten by the voters.”
PD, Cadnam [UKIP activist]

“I am pleased that you voted to uphold democracy in last night’s Europe vote. I last wrote to you when you voted against the rise in tuition fees, saying that I would definitely vote for you in the next general election.”
MG, Sway

“Thank you for your letter and for being amongst the strongly Eurosceptic MP voters.”
RN, Brockenhurst

“I give my personal thanks to you in convincing me that democracy is alive and well in the hands of some of our politicians.”
KD, Hythe

“Very many thanks for voting we should have a referendum as we were promised.”
GH, Cadnam

“I would like to thank you for supporting the motion for a referendum and for ignoring the entirely inappropriate pressure to which you were subjected by the party whips.”
SB, Lymington

“May I thank you for standing for what you know is right rather than following the party line like the other sheep. I already had a high respect for you as a politician and I am glad to say you have confirmed my opinion of you by voting on the EU referendum as you did.”
DT, Totton

“Congratulations on voting in favour of the resolution.”
JH, Beaulieu

“Thank you for voting for a referendum on the EU.”
AW, Blackfield

“Many thanks for your reply and for voting against the government on the call for a referendum on coming out of the EU.”
CF, Totton

“Well done for voting for the EU referendum.”
DJ, Lyndhurst

“I was very pleased to see your name among those who voted for the referendum resolution ... I’m sure you will prove to be on the right side of history.”
AD, Beaulieu

“With pleasure we see today that you have signed the referendum motion and congratulate you for fighting our corner.”
WD & VD, Pennington

“Thank you for standing up for democracy and voting for a referendum on Europe … I really appreciate that you have voted in line with public views and not government policy.”
FC, Langley

“Thank you for your courage in voting for a referendum on Europe and representing (I’m sure) the wishes of the vast majority of your constituents.”
PK, Langley

“Thank you for speaking and voting as you did… it is deeply appreciated.”
GH, Totton

“Thank you for your support in the House of Commons, for a vote on our relationship with the EU … I agree with everything you said on the 'Politics Show'. I urge you to continue your push for the in-out vote we so badly need!”
MM, Dorset

“Thank you for all your efforts in trying to bring some sense to this government over the EU.”
PN, Hythe

* * *

“I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for your efforts with regard to bringing common sense to bear over the Forestry plans.”
CK, Lymington

“Thank you also for supporting your constituents, and not following the party line, by opposing the proposal to sell off parts of the New Forest. I really appreciated your stand on this matter; and also your view that some members of the NPA should be directly elected.”
LS, Lymington

“Thank you for your position on the sale of our forest and your speech in the Commons.”
DI, Holbury

“Thank you for copy of the Early Day Motion as you promised and also for the support you gave to save the forests.”
RW, Fawley

“Thank you again for your help in pursuing this matter [on behalf of the New Forest].”
WZ, Wiltshire

“Thank you so much for immediately taking action … you are the best MP we have had representing the New Forest East … if MPs were all so dedicated like you Mr Cameron would have less headaches! You certainly have and always will have our vote.”
BL & ML, Hythe

“You have gained my trust and vote and some of my friends are impressed too. Thanks again, yours very gratefully.”
PD, Totton

“Very many thanks for your letter … You are correct in what you say; I cannot and will not allow any other party, especially Labour, to get in at the next election through the back door … Good luck Julian and keep up the good work, I read all your comments on every subject you talk about in the House of Commons, well done.”
DN, Cadnam

“[We] will do everything we can to help you and campaign for you. Thanks for all your hard work.”
WD, Lyndhurst

“I was surprised and delighted to receive such a prompt reply to my letter … Thank you. I greatly appreciate the speed and content of your response.”
DJ, Lyndhurst

“Thank you so much for answering my letters over the past year.”
AL, Dibden

“Thank you very much for acting so promptly on my behalf.”
PJ, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you very much for all your help.”
JO, Dibden Purlieu

“I have written to you a couple of times before over the last couple of years and I was very glad that I had someone of your nature to help with the matter at hand.”
LM, Totton

“I am so pleased that I voted for you as you have helped me several times now when I had nowhere else to turn to.”
YL, Totton

“Once again thank you for your time and personal reply … I can already feel that you are a man of action and so you have my full support especially for local issues.”
AB, Totton

“I am writing to say that a satisfactory solution has now been reached … May I thank you for contacting me so quickly during the Christmas period.”
RC, Totton

“Thank you for your support and intervention regarding my problems with my claim.”
JT, Totton

“Thank you again, it is a comfort to know you have helped me.”
LC, Totton

“A personal thank you for your continued support in this area and I am pleased that the issue of malicious allegations against teachers is being tackled by this government.”
DM, Holbury

“Thank you for all the help you offered to intervene.”
MJ, Holbury

“I thank you very much for all the trouble you have gone to on my behalf.”
VM, Calmore

“Thank you very much for your continued assistance in pressing the case for the retention of the Southampton [Children's] Heart Unit.”
AD, Bartley

“Your presence and question answering were appreciated by all. We need people like you representing us in the Government.”
DB, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for your help in clarifying our situation with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.”
EI & MI, Brockenhurst

“In November I wrote about the plan to withdraw the mobility component of Disability allowance. You sent a very full response, followed by a letter from Maria Miller and then later you sent extracts from Hansard … we do thank you very much for your efforts and are very grateful.”
KG & SG, Brockenhurst

“I am very grateful to you for all your efforts and help on this [immigration] matter.”
JL, Lymington

“My neighbour … has told me how helpful you have been as our local MP to constituents in the past, and so I am appealing to you as a last resort.”
BO, Lyndhurst

“Thank you again for becoming involved – without this involvement I very much doubt whether ... I would be in a position to be writing to you today with the word ‘success’ included.”
JC, Lyndhurst

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you … Thank you for your intervention and helping us … you have a voice and are in a position to change things for people. We are so very, very grateful to you.”
JW, Lyndhurst

“I very much appreciate the way in which you have assisted me in this matter and facilitated my approach to the Pensions Minister.”
HG, Lyndhurst

“Thank you for your letter … and for contacting the Pensions Service on my behalf. I thought you would like to know that my bank received the balance due to me today.”
MF, Marchwood

“I most appreciated the time you spent with me with your support and contact with [DVLA] … Once again please accept my thanks for your time in seeing me and taking this on board. The visit to you was a great comfort to me.”
TP, Marchwood

“Thank you for sorting out the problem of my winter fuel payment … Many, many thanks.”
JN, Totton

“Thank you for your letter regarding anti-social behaviour and car vandalism … I appreciate your interest in our problems within our neighbourhood.”
VH, Hythe

“I would like to thank you once again for assisting me with one of my many enquiries relating to the taxi trade.”
IH, Dibden Purlieu

“A very big thank you for your continued support in our campaign to save School Sports Partnerships.”
RS, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you so much for meeting us … at the Houses of Parliament. The pupils and staff very much enjoyed the visit and learnt so much.”
BH, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you again for your continued support for Scouting.”
CH, Bartley

“Thank you for your letter and thank you on behalf of all local dog walkers for your help.”
PB, Sway

“Thank you for your swift response to my letter … I am sure your involvement added weight to the situation, which was very irritating to say the least.”
JD, Sway

“Today I received my General Service Medal with Clasp ‘Canal Zone’ … I really must thank you for your response.”
MH, Germany [Retrospective medal campaign]

“Thank you for taking time to discuss the proposed changes to the Feed-in Tariff rates for solar Photovoltaic installations. I greatly appreciated both the opportunity to talk through my concerns and your willingness to understand the likely impact of DECC’s proposals. Thank you also for abstaining in the subsequent debate.”
JA, Brockenhurst

“Just to say thank you for everything you did to get my heating fixed.”
JD, Hythe

“Thank you so much for sending your best wishes for our anniversary. So kind of you.”
JW & PW, Marchwood

“Thank you for your letter congratulating us on our 65th wedding anniversary … Your letter will be treasured.”
CL, Calmore

“Thank you very much for your wonderful help in getting our telephone line sorted so that we can receive broadband. I have been trying for five years to obtain a line that was suitable for broadband and you have achieved this in only two weeks! We in New Forest East are fortunate to have you as our MP in both a local and national context. It is therefore unsurprising that you are returned at each election with an ever increasing majority.”
DW, Winsor

Keep up your good work. We are lucky to have such a caring MP.”
DS, Ashurst

* * *


“I am extremely pleased to hear that you intend to vote against the increases in university tuition fees … By doing so you have shown that you are an MP who is capable of independent thought and who is willing to vote according to his conscience and in the interests of your constituents … While I do not agree with all of your views, I feel it is important to let you know that I fully support you on this key issue … By taking this stance you have secured my vote at the next general election. Thank you.”
RG, Brockenhurst

“I happened by chance to switch on the television yesterday and was fascinated in seeing you give your Parliament speech regarding the proposed increase in students’ university fees. It was heartening to hear you give your honest assessment of this situation, even more so as it was against your party’s line. Very few politicians dare to be so bold and this is why so many people are disillusioned with our democratic system. Good on you, long may you prosper!”
AH, Barton on Sea

“I would like to congratulate you both on your speech in the House yesterday and your principled stance. Though I am not a Conservative voter, my grandmother, who … thought that the Tory Party stood by the poor, would have been proud of you.”
AC, Gloucestershire

“We are writing to say how much we admire your stance on the Tuition Fees vote.”
BC & MC, Ashurst

“Thank you for voting against the rise in student fees.”
BN, Hythe

“As a student and a representative of the UK Youth Parliament … I would like to express my gratitude and acknowledge the great courage you have shown to oppose the rise in tuition fees.”
AA, New Milton

“I was delighted to hear that you will oppose the tuition fees bill tomorrow. I feel so strongly about this matter that, as a result, I will vote for you at the next election.”
MG, Sway

“I wrote to you on 14th November, expressing our concern about the proposed rise in tuition fees. I feel that I must now write again to send you my heartfelt thanks both for your prompt and thoughtful reply and also for the principled stand you took in voting against the proposition … It has demonstrated to me once more what a man of integrity you are.”
PA, Dibden Purlieu

“I am writing to you, not strictly as a member of your constituency, as I am residing in London studying … but as someone who has lived in the Waterside for most of his life. I recently saw you planned to vote against the tuition fees increase and I wished to offer my support and gratitude … I seriously admire your courage and conviction in voting the way you suggested, and I believe many others would mimic my sentiments.”
AH, Holbury

“I wrote to you some time back about the Browne Report, to which you kindly replied in detail. Today I am writing to thank you for voting against the increase in tuition fees.”
SA, Woodlands

“Thank you for voting against the proposals [for the increase in tuition fees] … I appreciate that you had nothing personally to gain from voting against as you are in a safe seat, and probably much to lose from disobeying the whip. You have to some extent lessened my disillusion with UK politics ... "
DM, Brockenhurst

“Thank you for your plans to oppose the tuition fee hike for students. This took me completely by surprise for someone of your party and can only say my respect for you personally has grown for this, and also for your sympathy for public safety in the Ian Tomlinson matter and your representations on my behalf (for which I also thank you).”
AA, Calmore

“I was impressed by your stand against increased tuition fees.”
TC, Blackfield

* * *

“Thank you for sending me extensive details of a debate on epilepsy services a few weeks ago. I really appreciated the kind thought. I would also like to thank you for announcing your intention to vote against the increase in university tuition fees … Thank you for taking a stand on behalf of ordinary families.”
AB, Calmore

“Many thanks on behalf of relatives of mental health patients who are, or could be, affected by the closure [of Ellingham Ward], for taking up the baton for us and keeping it in the limelight.”
CP, Dibden Purlieu

“Thank you for your letter … with reference to the recent jailing of a man defending his home and family. I note your feelings are like mine on this case … Thank you for your enclosure relating to Dibden Bay. I consider that you have put up a very good case for this latest effort on the part of ABP to be thrown out.”
DV, Totton

“Thank you for your recent letter re Dibden Bay … I have read your letter to ABP and agree with your conclusions.”
RR, Dibden

“Thank you for the proposed ‘plan’ for Dibden Bay container port. Thank you for your efforts to prevent this happening.”
KR, Holbury

“This is to assure you that [we] appreciate your efforts on our behalf and those others, within your constituency, similarly victimised [by Equitable Life]. You will have our support on 6th May; we hope that you are re-elected.”
MB, Beaulieu

“Thank you for your Equitable [Life] interest and help and general support.”
JF, East Boldre

“Thank you for your recent letter in connection with my claim against Equitable Life and I am glad that you will be able to continue to look after my interests.”
DK, Testwood

“Thanks to you I had my operation last Friday … Thank you so much for all that you did.”
AG, Marchwood

“Thank you so much for the letter of support, which you so promptly wrote.”
RG, Marchwood

“Thank you for your help in getting the New Forest District Council to agree to my needing a shower room.”
BM, Blackfield

“I am so encouraged, not by hopes of a result, but by your compassion … Believe me, you are a huge exception to today’s general rule ... [2nd letter] ... You were absolutely marvellous, trying to get the ... New Forest District Council to take a compassionate interest, and having your Assistant check up on me by telephone. For all of that, thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”
AF, London [formerly, NFE]

“I am writing to convey my thanks for the letter to NFDC on our behalf regarding the issue of council tax. I can confirm that it appears a compromise has been reached which at least is satisfactory to both parties."
GR, Hythe

“I am delighted to be able to inform you that at long last I have received my 2008 payment … I know that without your help last year I would not have been paid. May I thank you and your staff most sincerely for bringing this matter to a most successful conclusion.”
AK, Beaulieu

“Thank you for your help and support as I am sure it made a difference to the outcome. It was so nice that you took the trouble to write so thank you again.”
JP, Bartley

“Thank you for your detailed letter.”
BC & TC, Holbury

“I am most grateful to you for sending me the Secretary of State’s acceptance of all of Sir Roger Singleton’s recommendations for the new vetting and barring scheme.”
MD, Fawley

“A swift reply just to say thank you for taking the trouble in sending the documents.”
JD, Totton

“Thank you for your assistance concerning my wife’s Winter Fuel Payment. I can now confirm that it has been resolved.”
PJ, Hythe

“Thank you for your help.”
JP, Lyndhurst

“We would also like to take the opportunity to renew our appreciation for working on our case.”
LM, Lyndhurst

“I believe the outcome of the exercise will prove to be very helpful and so thank you again for your assistance.”
JL, Lymington

“Thank you for the various correspondence I have now received following my letter to you … Thanks to your efforts, I am now in receipt of much information which I doubt I would be aware of without your intervention.”
JR, Sway

“Thank you so much for visiting the school on Monday and spending a great deal of time talking to pupils and staff and observing first hand all the work our pupils do. We were thrilled you enjoyed our arts performances and the pupils were extremely happy with the way you answered their questions.”
BH, Dibden Purlieu

“It was particularly pleasing to note the genuine interest which [Julian] took in the charity [New Forest Basics Bank] and the volunteers who run it.”
EL, Lymington

“Thank you for all the help and support you gave myself and [X] with dealing with the insurance companies.”
PW, Blackfield

“Very many thanks for your kind and prompt reply to my letter … I am looking forward to the result of the investigations you have set in train on my behalf.”
JD, Hythe

“We have called upon your good self on many occasions and are very grateful for the support and assistance we have always received from you.”
CN, Totton

“Whenever any of my clients had a serious problem and had nowhere to turn, I would suggest they get in touch with you, as I knew and know that you are a very genuine, honest and knowledgeable, but also you have, to my mind, a great compassion, which is rarely found in government circles ... As one of your constituents you certainly can rely on my support.”
SS, Hythe

“It is a great joy for me to write you this letter acknowledging all the hard work and effort that you did for me and my family and I shall ever be grateful for the rest of my life.”
JM, Dibden Purlieu