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Daily Telegraph – 2 January 2017

When the Coalition was formed in May 2010, David Cameron categorically promised Conservative MPs that the Liberal Democrats would have to accept Trident renewal.  As he did so, George Osborne – knowing my then role as defence spokesman on the deterrent – caught my eye and nodded vigorously.

The final vote on renewal was due to be taken between 2010 and 2015, but it did not happen until July 2016. The reason was a private deal between Mr Cameron and the Liberal Democrats to postpone it until after the 2015 election.

Another ‘hung Parliament’ in 2015, which most people expected, would have raised the appalling prospect of the Liberal Democrats insisting on Trident abolition, or downgrading, as their price for coalition with Labour or the Conservatives.

Playing party politics with the nuclear deterrent, and putting its future at risk, disqualifies Mr Cameron from any role at the heart of NATO’s nuclear alliance.

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