New Forest East


Southern Daily Echo – 14 December 1996

On December 6 you reported the resignation of Dr Julian Lewis from the Research Department, Conservative Central Office. The New Forest East Conservative Association selected Dr Lewis as our prospective Parliamentary candidate precisely because of his views on monetary union and the enormous damage to our sovereignty posed by the adoption of a single currency.

Dr Lewis enjoys the overwhelming support of our members with whom he is in daily touch as a constituency resident. Indeed, our survey returns show he has support from the wider electorate.

It is significant that even some Liberal Democrats met on the doorstep are sceptics when confronted with reality. One cannot believe they will support the Euro-Federalist Party in the final shoot-out on polling day.

Informal discussions with colleagues in other nearby constituencies indicate that NFECA is by no means alone as we view with dismay the slippery slope to submergence in Europe.

We know where we stand and are proud to have a prospective Parliamentary candidate who has our total support.

New Forest East Conservative Association