Daily Telegraph – 18 March 2019  [Letter drafted by Julian]

We believe that, if Britain leaves the European Union as planned on March 29, “no deal” will prove to be the precursor to a very good deal indeed.

At the time of the 2016 referendum, the choice was between leaving the EU (Brexit) and remaining within it. After Remainers lost the referendum, they set up a new choice between “hard” and “soft” Brexit – in reality, between real departure and leaving in name only. Now, “hard/real” Brexit has been redefined as a “catastrophic no-deal Brexit” and purportedly removed from the table by a Parliament of Remainers who hold a country with a majority of Leavers in contempt.

Charles Moore concludes (Comment, March 16) that Brexiteers like us now face only the “two wretched options” of Brexit in name only or the indefinite postponement of any Brexit, and says that he does not envy our dilemma in choosing between them. Yet our moral course is clear: it is not our fault that we are confronted by two unacceptable choices, but it will be our fault if we cast a positive vote in favour of either for fear of the other.

Adam Afriyie MP
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